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Proxalt Management Training Institute is based in the United States offering PMP® training courses for Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification and the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) Certification. It carries a large selection of other popular certification training courses like ITIL, PMI®-ACP, SCRUM, etc. The PMP® and CAPM® Certification training courses are offered in various format including classroom teaching, online instructor-led learning and online video lessons. Proxalt is a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P) of the Project Management Institute (PMI®).

Project Management Professional (PMP®) Training Course

Examination preparation courses for the PMP® Certification includes three different formats: classroom course, instructor-led online training, on demand video training and 35 Hours PM Education.

This classroom PMP® course provides three days of classroom teaching and learning and is followed by a mock PMP® exam using an exam simulator. The mock exam resembles the real PMP® exam in the number of questions (200) and the length (4-hour). The instructors are seasoned project management trainers who could provide efficient instructions to help students to learn the concepts, skills and techniques successfully prepare and pass the PMP® exam. Classroom activities includes practice questions, classroom group discussions, and a chance for the students to ask questions and discuss with the instructors in person. The classroom training comes with a passing guarantee which will pay the re-exam fee of US$275 for the students who fail the first attempt. The documented passing rate of students is over 90% for the first attempt and 100% for the second attempt.

The instructor-led online PMP® training differs from the on demand PMP® Certification training in that the instructor-led training is a live interactive training course while the on demand training is based on pre-recorded training sections. Students of the instructor-led training can attend the course through scheduled sections where an instructor with over 25 years of teaching experience will lead the study and class discussion. Many students find that the instructor-led course is just like the traditional classroom training minus the expense of traveling to the classrooms. Students of both instructor-led and on demand training get the same kind of learning resources (e.g. student handbook, practice exam, etc.) as the classroom learning students.

Proxalt is unique in the offering of cheapest 35 Contact Hours for the PMP® exam called 35 Hrs PM Education. The 35 Hrs PM Education offers the students the chance to get the 35 Contact Hours required for the PMP® application at the lowest cost (US$35). It includes learning resources like practice exams, quizzes and a glossary of PMP® terms. However, the training materials included in the on demand PMP® training course is not provided for the 35 Hrs PM Education students. Also, students have only 30 days to complete the course and get the contact hour certificate.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) Training Course

Training formats for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) resemble that of the PMP® training courses. Students have a choice of classroom training, instructor-led online training, on demand training as well as the 23 Hrs PM Education for the CAPM® Certification. The on demand training and the 23 Hrs PM Education are intended for students having a strong self-study ability. These lessons are flash-based slides supplemented with audio lectures. Students taking the 23 Hrs PM Education are required to pass a final exam of 50 questions to gain the certificate.

Professional Development Units (PDU) for PMP®

Being a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P) of the Project Management Institute (PMI®), Proxalt can provide learners with PDUs in Category A (which does not have a upper limit of the number of units gained from this category). Learner can try to get all the 60 required PDUs from Proxalt PDU packages during the 3 year certification cycle. Courses can be taken online with instructor-led or on demand or on-site for corporate clients. There are 5 different PDU packages on offer at a cost from US$995 per student. The packages all provide 45 PDUs with different topics.

Student Feedback

Athar from Saudi Arabia considered the quality of the PMP® course excellent and it has helped him to pass the PMP® exam. He is grateful to the help and assistance he received during the course of study. Kumar Abhishek from India commented that the course instructor from Proxalt is very knowledgeable and has an in-depth knowledge of project management. The use of ample examples throughout the course help solidify the knowledge and help students to grasp the concepts. Xiaosi Liu from Vietnam completed the 35 Hrs of PM Education online and highly praised the course quality. He learned a lot during the course by watching the video lessons, finishing all the quizzes after each section as well as completing the final exam.

Proxalt – A Management Training Institue

Proxalt provides a large variety of project management training tailored for individual students’ needs. Students can choose from traditional classroom teaching, online instructor-led training, on demand training or just the flash-based slide training depending on the preferred mode of training as well as the training budget. If you aim to get the 35 Contact Hours PMP® Training with minimal costs, Proxalt’s 35 Hrs PM Education for PMP® Certification is your definite choice. 

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