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PM Study is a Project Management Institute (PMI®) approved Global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) which provides PMP® training courses both online and in classrooms (as bootcamps). Online PMP® practice exams are also offered.  It also carries courses tailored specifically for CAPM® candidates. More than 100,000 students have taken courses offered by PM Study and the majority of the students are very satisfied with the quality of teaching and learning.

PMP® Classroom Bootcamps

  • Unlike most other bootcamps which require students to have lots of preparation before the class begins, bootcamps by PM Study require students to have minimal preparation work. The classes really prepare the students well to pass the PMP® exam.
  • The classes are scheduled in a way that students study continuously for 4 full days with homework and revisions to be done off class. Then students are advised to take the PMP® exam on the fifth day and pass the exam.
  • PM Study courses include all the necessary materials, practice exams and tips for passing the PMP® exam. No additional reference materials are required which is quite different from other bootcamps which will ask the students to purchase Rita’s PMP® book or Andy Crowe PMP® book.
  • If the students cannot pass the PMP® exam within 1 month of attending the classroom course, PM Study will refund the course fee.
  • The course intends  to not just help students pass the PMP® exam but also gain more insights into the practice project management through case studies discussion and role-play of real life scenarios.
  • Instructors on the courses have at least 15 years of project management experience as well as lots of experiences in leading successful PMP® examination preparation workshops. They are well trained in delivering the PM Study materials. 
  • The passing rate for students of PM Study bootcamps is 98.7%.
  • Students are given complimentary access to the online PMP® course by PM Study, this allows the students to be better prepared for the exam with more practice exams and video lessons.
  • PM Study also give out 20 free PMI® PDUs for the bootcamp students with online training courses.

Online PMP® Training Courses

  • The PM Study online course can be take anywhere anytime where there is an internet connection.
  • The online PMP® training employs a result-oriented methodology for learning and studying. Busy professional can master all the required concepts of the PMBOK® Guide Guide for the PMP® exam in the shortest timeframe without disruption to their daily life.
  • There are variety of choices for the course packages, ranging from online PMP® practice exams to full PMP® preparation course with the required contact hours certificate for the PMP® application. For the full course, there are 4 full length 200 question PMP® practice exams provided.
  • One full length 200 question PMP® exam is offered for free. Many PMP®s comment that the level of difficulty and the format is very close to the real PMP® exam.
  • Each chapter concludes with a comprehensive chapter test (over 800 questions in total for the whole course) which allows students to assess their understanding of the concepts presented in the chapter.
  • A PM Study Comprehensive Study Guide is provided for students to learn the quickest way to master the subject matters presented in each chapter. The study guide normal includes the following parts:
    • A summary review of all the important concepts delivered during the lessons and also a glossary of the terms used.
    • Tailored study notes for students to know which are the most important concepts for the chapter. These important concepts are most likely to appear on the real PMP® exam.
    • Fill-in-the-blank questions to let students understand the most important concepts in the PMBOK® Guide Guide.
    • Special topics on PMP® calculation and formulas are also included where appropriate to help students master the calculation questions which are often considered most difficult by PMP® exam takers.

Free Tools for PMP® Aspirants

PM Study also offers a lot of free tools and study aids for people preparing for the PMP® exam:

  • A full length practice exam for PMP® (200 questions) or CAPM® (150 questions) on an exam simulator.
  • Chapter end questions for the topic of  “Project Framework Management” and study guide for the topic of Project Framework Management”
  • Introduction to PMI®, PMP®, CAPM® and the certification exams
  • Tips on PMP®/CAPM® exam and application
  • A Work Experience Calculation Tool which helps PMP® applicants to document the required hours of project management experience.

You may get all these free materials for the PMP® certification here.

Student Reviews

Willie Smith commented that he passed the PMP® exam on the first attempt with the help of PM Study. He considered the chapter end quizzes and practice exams were very valuable in helping him to understand his strengths and weakness, and therefore he could concentrate on his knowledge gaps.

Lili Gehring took the PMP® Training online course and passed the PMP® exam on first try. She got all the resources required for the PMP® exam from the courseware. She especially valued the online course format which provided her with the flexibility of studying at her free time.

Hesham ElKhati highly regarded the 4 PMP® practice exams on the PM Study website. He found that the quality, wording, exam simulation and level of difficulty of the practice exams were on par with the real PMP® exam. This helped boosted his confidence during the real PMP® exam and he could pass the first try.  

PM Study PMP® Training and Preparation

PM Study provides a lot of exam prep resources for PMP® aspirants, including PMP® courses (both online and bootcamps) and practice exams. In addition, it gives out a free PMP® practice exam which is a must for people studying for the PMP® exam.

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