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OSP International LLC is the company behind two of the most popular online / podcast PMP® training and PMI®-ACP training courses. These products are produced by Cornelius Fichtner, CSM, PMP® and his colleagues. OSP International LLC was established in 2006 in Silverado, California, USA. It is an approved provider of project management education by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and is a PMI® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.). To date, it has helped over 20,000 PMP® aspirants to get PMP® certified.

The instructor, Cornelius Fichtner, is the former PMI® Chapter President of the Orange County and an active volunteer of the local PMI® chapter. He is also a member of PMI®’s New Media Council advocating the adoption of new media (e.g. Internet, podcast, cloud computing and project management software) in project management education and profession. Cornelius is a seasoned project manager with over 20 years of experience.

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PM PrepCast™ Online / Podcast PMP® Training

The Project Management PrepCast (PM PrepCast™)is the flagship product of OSP International LLC. It is a downloadable video course for the preparation of the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification. The PM PrepCast™ is unique among all online PMP® training that students can download the whole course to their intelligent phones, tablets, laptops or computers to study offline. Once purchased, students can keep the files forever to view and review all the video lessons.

The whole course lasts for over 50 hours with video segments ranging in length from several minutes to around half an hour. The producer of the course intends to break up the lessons into short segments in order to allow busy professionals to fully utilize any free time they might have, e.g. transit time, lunch time, jogging or walking time, to finish one or two lessons. Though the total length of the course is much longer than the 35 contact hours required for the project management education, students are not required to sit still all the time and thus can “swallow” the course much easier.

The contents of the PM PrepCast™ not only include the 47 process and 10 knowledge areas of the PMBOK® Guide Guide, but also carry a detailed review of other cross-cutting skills and domain knowledge found in the PMP® Exam Outline published by the PMI®. Students taking this course will get a comprehensive training for the examination syllabus of the PMP® Certification.

After finishing the whole course, there is a final examination of 25 questions for assessment. The final examination is relatively easy, plus students can try an infinite number of time without extra cost. On passing the final examination, students can print out a certificate for the 35 contact hours which can be used in PMP® application.

The PM PrepCast™ also offers a 90 days money-back guarantee. If a student finds the course to be unsatisfactory, OSP International will refund the full payment of the PM PrepCast™ with questions provided that the student have not taken the final examination to generate the 35 Contact Hours project management education certificate.

In addition to the contact hour certificate, the course also provides students with a free email course and weekly free e-newsletters on PMP® tips and tricks. There are over 300 sample PMP® questions included for self-assessment of the study progress. Students will also be given access to a private discussion forum where the instructor will answer students’ questions.

Below is a video introduction to the PM PrepCast™ PMP® Training course:

Prospective students can also sign up for a free trial of PM PrepCast™.

PM Exam Simulator

The PM Exam Simulator created by OSP International, LLC is one of the most useful mock exam question bank available on the market. With over 1800 PMP® mock exam questions available for 90 days, PMP® Aspirants would be able to get ample practice on understanding their readiness for the real PMP® Exam as well as acquiring necessary exam taking techniques.

The feature “Live Feedback™” which allows PMP® Aspirants to ask any questions related to the mock exam questions directly in the PMP® Exam Simulator and get answers from qualified PMP® is unique on the market which is highly sought after by PMP® aspirants. Additionally, the PMP® practice exam questions have also been updated to align with the latest PMP® Exam syllabus of 2016.

PMI®-ACP PrepCast Online / Podcast Agile Training

Just like the PM PrepCast™, the PMI®-ACP PrepCast is a downloadable video training for the PMI®-ACP Certification examination preparation. Students will get over 40 hours of video training on Agile project management methodology. The course covers the Agile project management frameworks, and the methods, concepts, tools and techniques for the processes. Students will learn to understand and apply the concepts rather than memorizing the facts.

The content scope is based on the exam syllabus as described in the PMI®-ACP Exam Content Outline. There are over 90 video and audio lessons in the course, each of them is around 25 minutes. Students will also get a student workbook as well as a 10-part e-mail course on essential Agile knowledge. There will also be a members-only discussion forum where the instructor and his colleagues will answer questions.

After going though the lessons, students will be able to take a final exam to get the 21 Contact Hours Certificate for the PMI®-ACP Certification application. If the student is also PMP® certified, taking this PMI®-ACP training will also allow them to claim 37 Category A PDU for the PMP® re-certification.

A free trial for the PMI®-ACP is also available. Prospective students can try the course themselves to judge if this mode of study suits them.

Other PMP® Training Options

In addition to the PM PrepCast™ and Agile PrepCast™, OSP International LLC also conducts instructor-led mixed mode classroom courses. Students signing up for the PMP® training will be given instant access to the online PM PrepCast™ or PMI®-ACP PrepCast for self-study before the classroom teaching begins. In this way, students can get the best of online learning as well as classroom learning.

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