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PM College is a global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) of the Project Management Institute (P.M.I.) for PMP® training. PM College provides corporate learning program in project management to help organization and project managers to achieve the business objectives. It places emphases on learning within the context of the learners’ job experiences and knowledge. It aims to create the framework for students’ advancement and growth by structuring the courses in a way that is built on their previous knowledge and students will gain new perspectives and knowledge on the way. PM College tries to link the knowledge to real life situations to help students not only gain the knowledge (and the certification) but also to apply the new knowledge to benefit their daily work. PM College offers both classroom teaching and online courses for the PMP® Certification exam.

PM College PM Professional Coach

PM Professional Coach is an online platform for PMP® aspirants to achieve PMP® success. It offers a self-paced course to suit the schedule of individuals. The course is based on the PMBOK® Guide Guide covering all the syllabus required for the PMP® exam. The course is based on a “discovery and reinforcement” methodology, students will gain multiple exposure to the project management knowledge to help them understand and remember the core concepts and terms.

The PM Professional Coach also includes detailed guide and study aids with an interactive nature. Students will learn actively through the flash cards, interactive questions, question and answer tool and the practice exams. A PMP® Study Guide is also included to lead students through the PMP® study and preparation. Detailed progress reports will be provided along the way to give feedback on the students’ performance and direct students to focus on the weak areas with more efforts.

The required 35 contact hours for project management education will be provided to the students once they have passed the final exam of 40 questions. Students will be able to take this final exam for any number of times.

All the features work together to accompany the students with “a professional coach” on the route to becoming a PMP®. PM College tries to turn the PM Professional Coach into a total project management learning experience.

Other PMP® Certification Preparation Course

Besides the online PMP® training PM Professional Coach, PM College also offers a variety of course formats for PMP® aspirants. These include:

The PM Essentials

  • A 3-day course providing students with the foundational knowledge of the PMP® Certification
  • Students will learn the framework of the PMBOK® Guide Guide, plus terminologies and concepts
  • They will also understand the process of PMP® application and examination

PMP® Exam Review

  • A 2-day course to review all the key concepts and terms for the PMP® exam
  • Lots of practice questions will be provided for students to practice taking the exam
  • Acts as a last minute reinforcement of the knowledge required for sitting the real PMP® exam

PMP® Application Workshop

  • Guides students to complete the PMP® application correctly
  • Answers all questions they might encounter when filling the application forms

Student Reviews of the PMP® Training

Bert Sandler considered the PM Professional Coach online PMP® training to be excellent in quality and values. He tried and passed the PMP® exam in the first attempt with preparation through the PM Professional coach only. He thought he could not make it without the PM Professional Coach.

A course participant of the PM Essentials course commended that the instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable. His efforts turned the learning experience into a pleasure.

PM College PMP® Training

The PM Professional Coach is unique among PMP® training courses in that it aims to provide a complete learning experience for PMP® aspirants to enjoy the journey of studying and preparing for the PMP® Certification.

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