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A. Anandaraman

No. of Attempt
Study Duration
2.5 month

PMP® Course
Knowledge Woods
Prep Book

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0 time

“Rita’s PMP® Exam Book explains all concept which made me understand/remember and the explanations are very detailed. “

I have started preparing for pmp exam from mid of Oct-15 and took exam on 29th Dec-15. The various resources, study plan, reference book used are as follows.

  • PMP® Exam Prep Course & Reference Book :
    1. Rita PMP® Exam Prep- 8th Edition.
    2. E-learning course on PMP® from Knowledge Woods
    3. PMP® Prep-5th Ed-BMC Master-Oct 2013
    4. Surfing in google for specific terms,tools & technique

First, I have studied the Rita PMP® Exam prep fully once (read 2 times) and I had tried the sample tests at each of every chapter. Then I took the e-learning course from Knowledge Woods website which explained each concepts in a simple way.

Rita’s PMP® Exam Book explains all concept which made me understand/remember and the explanations are very detailed. Then I have started reading PMP® prep-5th Edition (3 times) which explained all topics similar to class notes. I have prepared my study notes from the above books.

Then I took some mock PMP® exams to evaluate my chance of passing PMP® Exam (mostly from Edward’s PMP® website) and following were my results

  1. Oliver Lehman (175 Questions) – 64%
  2. Edwel Mock Exam -74%
  3. Head First Mockup Exam – 72%
  4. Oliver Lehman (75 Questions) – 68%
  5. Mockup Exam 5 set(200 qns) Knowledge Woods – 60% to 68%

As far as real PMP® Exam taking experience, there was a 15 min tutorial prior to the actual exam which explains the details of how to take the PMP® Exam in the computer environment.

I had taken more time to answer first 25 questions and I felt need to answer faster.

There were many questions which I felt 2 options were both correct and took time to choose the best option. Not too much lengthy questions in my test. If you are not confident of the answers for any questions you can mark and review later after attempting all questions.

The typical questions for my PMP® Exam were selecting the best tools/technique, type of contracts, 2 input/output process, approx 20 questions about Formula based (CPM, EV, etc.) & some questions about change management. I got 1 Proficient(Planning), 3 Moderate Proficient & 1 Below Proficient (Closing).

Also, I have found Edward’s PMP® website before 5 days of my exam and took 4 mockup exams provided in your website. I would like to thank you for your great work in providing guidance for PMP® Aspirants.



~ PMP® Lessons Learned by A. Anandaraman


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