Wish to Have Spent More Time on PMBOK


Janaki Krishnan
MI, United States

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“I really wish I had spent less time studying the PMP® prep material and had spent more time on the PMBOK® Guide.”

Janaki Krishnan paid the fees and scheduled the PMP® exam a year before. But when work got busy and he kept postponing my exam till the last day of exam eligibility. He passed with first attempt. 

Lessons Learned

  1. PMP® study groups and forums help a lot.
  2. The PMBOK® Guide framework is quite different from usual project management terms, need to readjust myself to think the PMBOK® Guide way.
  3. I bought Rita’s PMP® prep book. Rita’s book helped me understand PMBOK® Guide better, but I did not like the tone of the book. Also, Rita’s did not cover all the materials in the PMBOK® Guide.
  4. The formula guide from Cornelius gave me very good confidence in calculation as Cornelius has done a great job explaining the concepts thoroughly.
  5. In my experience, I found the exam a little bit easier than the practice questions I attempted. PM Study free exam came very close to the real PMP® exam in terms of format.
  6. PMBOK® Guide is the bible for PMP® exam and any exam prep material should be considered as an assistive tool to understand the PMBOK® Guide.
  7. It is advised to do more practice questions.
  8. I really wish I had spent less time studying the PMP® prep material and had spent more time on the PMBOK® Guide.

~ PMP® Lessons Learned by Janaki Krishnan

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