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“Need to mix real-world experience as well as knowledge of materials thoroughly. Do not approach the exam assuming it tests the memorization of facts. Rather it tests your knowledge, application and analysis.”

Swaheed shared his PMP® journey after passing the PMI® PMP® Certification Exam on first attempt.

  • The PMP® application process is not an easy task. It might take you several days to fill in all the required information, especially the working experience.
  • You will need to mix real-world experience and the knowledge from PMBOK® Guide Guide thoroughly. It is not just a memorization of facts from the Guide. You cannot rely on your real-world experience only.
  • Study hard! There is no shortcut except studying hard.
  • Do not try to memorize the ITTOs, rather relate them to your real work experience.
  • Understand “PMI®-ism” and be familiar with the language of PMI®.
  • Practice answering mock questions and keep track your timing.
  • Work on the calculation and formula questions until you are confident enough.
  • Practice brain dump, e.g. formulas and process chart
  • Plan your exam strategy in advance, when to take breaks, when to have snacks, etc.
  • For difficult questions, do not get annoyed or frustrated, try an answer and move on.
  • Do not over study. Relax before the exam.
  • Visit the exam venue before to familiarize yourself with the traffic and environment.
  • Do not expect the exam room to be very quiet.
  • Smile and breathe deeply during the exam to relax.

~ PMP® Lessons Learned by Swaheed


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