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Lokesh Rajendran

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4 months

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PM FASTrackOliver Lehmann

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1 time

“I used to complete 200 questions simulation tests at an average of 2hrs, but in the exam I took 3.5 hrs”

Lokesh Rajendran passed my PMP® exam on the first try. Here he shares his lessons learned and experience.

Study materials

My PMP® Experience

  • The real PMP® exam took me 3.5 hours while normal practice exams took 2 hours only. Need to have better time management during the real exam.
  • Completing many practice exams helped me to solve real PMP® questions, especially the lengthy and wordy ones.
  • Need to practice sitting continuously and maintaining concentration for 4 hrs. This helped a lot on the real exam.
  • The PMBOK® Guide summary and glossary at the end is very useful for last minute revision
  • You should also understand and memorize the process chart in the PMBOK® Guide


  • Risk Management is an important topic
  • Focus more on understanding and applying the ITTOs
  • No need to spend too much time on calculations and formulas
  • Prepare for the PMP® exam with one exam prep study material in addition to PMBOK® Guide

 ~ PMP® Lessons Learned by Lokesh Rajendran


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5 Proficient Pass 2nd Try