PMBOK is Greek; Keep Digging


Iram Hasan
BC, Canada

No. of Attempt
Study Duration
6 months

PMP® Course

Prep Book
Rita’sHead First PMP®Andy Crowe

Mock Exams Attempted

PMBOK® Guide Read
>2 time

“First time I read the PMBOK® Guide Guide, I must confess, it was nothing more than Greek to me. Many a times, I decided to leave it as a bad job and keep doing what I do better. Here I got the ultimate advice, to keep digging until I hit the jackpot, and that I did. As I kept reading the standard time and again, it started making sense to me, and I started having a hang of it.”

Iram Hasan passed the PMP® Exam with one try. Below is his lessons learned:

Preparing for the PMP® Exam

Attempting the Exam

  • I slept early the night prior to exam to get a relaxed and refreshed mind.
  • I tired to spend no more than 90 seconds on each question
  • I was done with all the 200 questions in almost 3 hours
  • I did a review of all questions marked for review

~ PMP® Lessons Learned by Iram Hasan


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Notable Achievements

5 Proficient Pass 2nd Try