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“Re-do mock exam questions, check for questions that i)you got wrong in all previous reads, ii)you sometimes get right and sometimes wrong and iii)you get right majority times but not this time. This will reveal the knowledge gap you need to focus on.”

M Gurunath, PMP® would like to share his PMP® experience with aspirant PMP®s.

My Study

  • I took a project management course for the contact hours to begin the study. The training gave structure for my PMP® study.
  • I used Rita Book, PM FASTrack and occasionally I used audio flash cards.
  • Reading Rita for the first time could be quite difficult and quite discouraging. It just indicates that you have a knowledge gap between the PMBOK® Guide Guide and your brain. This tells you areas you need to concentrate on. Work on and keep studying.
  • One problem I experienced with Rita book is that the book is not well organized. There is no numbering or indication of where we are. Also, Rita’s book doesn’t concentrate on ITTOs and that’s a bit confusing.
  • I then read the PMBOK® Guide Guide. PMBOK® Guide does a good job in explaining all topics with clarity of meaning. It also provides formal definition of terms and concepts.
  • I thought ITTOs have to be memorized and are not very “logical” to understand and derive from.
  • I joined and followed a few forums where typical PMP® questions were discussed. I helped me a lot to update my own knowledge gaps.
  • Attempted a lot of questions. Remember to time yourself and try to develop some techniques to answer lengthy questions.
  • The 4-hour exam is also a test of concentration. Do take advantages of breaks to refresh your brain.
  • Some of the questions in the question banks may look straight forward but you might end up getting them wrong. Be very careful with “simple” questions.
  • If you have time, redo questions you have tried before and take special notes of the following types of questions:
    • Questions that you got all wrong in all previous try – You should concentrate on studying more on these topics
    • Questions that you sometimes get right and sometimes get wrong – You need to brush up your understanding on these confusing topics
    • Questions that you get right most of times but not this time – Try to find the reason and avoid the mistake next time

~ PMP® Lessons Learned by M Gurunath


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