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1.5 month

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The Knowledge Academy Boot Camp
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The Knowledge Academy course book

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2 times

“PMP® lessons learned helped a lot”

Sergii shared his lessons learned with aspirant PMP®s:

  • I downloaded PMP®ro app to my android device and was training all the knowledge areas.
  • PMP® Boot Camp is worthless.
  • PMP® lessons learned helped a lot!!
  • The most important areas are Risk and Quality Management, Human and Procurement, Time and Cost. Understanding all the tools and techniques is must. Its complicated to remember all inputs/outputs, but if you will remember all tools techniques – it will help you a lot.
  • The 1 day before exam i took 200 questions from course book. And finished them quicker then after 3 hrs and with a good result.
  • My experience that if you have 75-80% on simulations, you can be confident in taking the exam.
  • Try to visit the exam centre beforehand.
  • Next day i had the exam at so i used all the time before it to look through all formulas and tools and techniques. Change control is also important.
  • I used 15 minutes before the exam started to write out all Earned Value formulas, risk response techniques, team building strategies, ES-EF-LS-LF total and free float, develop schedule technics and types of contractual agreements. And that helped me for huge amount of questions.
  • At first attempt i didn’t take any breaks, and i think that was a huge mistake. At second attempt i’ve took two breaks: after 70 questions and after 140 questions. A little physical exercises and coffee to refresh your brain and body and you are ready for next portion of questions. I’ve noticed that if i don’t take a break then i begin to make more mistakes, reading the questions for 3-4 times.
  • It took me 2 weeks after first attempt to go through all important knowledge areas.
  • And one more important thing: Try to fill the pattern of answers in Professional Responsibility and the Code of Ethics and Conduct! It would be helpful in all questions in all areas. Important thing in this area – is to take one step at atime.

~ PMP® Lessons Learned by Sergii


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