With These Advices, PMP Exam in Not That Tough



No. of Attempt
Study Duration
3 months

PMP® Course
PM PrepCast™

Prep Book
Andy Crowe

Mock Exams Attempted
HeadfirstOliver Lehmann
PMBOK® Guide Read
1 time

“On closing notes, I would say the BEST way/plan to study is ‘your own way/plan’. Prepare your own notes instead of getting from others.”

Niteshrs passed the PMP® exam in first try. Below is his lessons learned.

  • PMP® exam is not a tough battle, it requires a structured preparation just like managing a projects
  • You only have to understand the concepts, not to memorize them
  • You can try a maximum of 3 times to pass the exam
  • It takes lots of efforts and time. If you decide to get the PMP® Certification, don’t procrastinate
  • The ideal time to prepare for the exam is around two months, with a structured plan for 2-4 hours’ study daily, you will be able to pass
  • Research the PMP® Certification online, there are tons of information helping you to know what you will have to do to get the PMP®

Know the eligibility and apply for the exam

  • Checked the eligibility requirements on the PMI® handbook for PMP®.
  • Submit the PMP® application form online, including contacts, educational background and project management experiences.
  • Additional time for verification if selected for an audit.

Have formal project management training and schedule the exam

  • Get the 35 contact hours of formal training in project management
  • There were cheaper online training but I preferred the live interactive class
  • I proceeded to scheduling the actual PMP® exam.

Make a plan, stick to it and understand the PMBOK® Guide concepts

Practice enough to get a feel of the 4 hour real exam

  • I took Headfirst 200 questions which is available free online.
  • Practiced to take an exam continuously for 4 hours
  • Took Oliver Lehmann 175 questions
  • If you get a score not less than 75-80% correct, you are well on track
  • Take at least 2 full-length 200-question practice exams to prepare your body well for the exam.

Plan your day for the real exam

  • You can take breaks during the exam but you have to sign in and out. This is time consuming, so the advice is a maximum of 2 breaks.
  • I just took one break when I was half way through the exam.
  • Understand how much time for each question and keep good time management.
  • Review marked questions if you still have time

~ PMP® Lessons Learned by Niteshrs


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