PMP Book – Q & As for the PMBOK Guide – Fifth Edition by PMI

pmbok-guide-questionsThe PMP® book Q & As for the PMBOK® Guide Guide – Fifth Edition is a question and answer guide for the latest edition of the PMBOK® Guide Guide published by the Project Management Institute – the publisher of the PMBOK® Guide Guide. The PMP® book is considered by many to be the “official” CAPM® and PMP® Examination question bank as it is the only Q & A book about the PMBOK® Guide Guide by PMI® though PMI® has taken extra care NOT to mention anything about the CAPM® or PMP® exams in the introduction of this question guide.

The first PMBOK® Guide Guide question and answer guide was originally introduced in 1997. This fifth edition of the Q & As for the PMBOK® Guide Guide was published in 30 Nov, 2013 after the introduction of the PMBOK® Guide Guide 5th edition. It contain over 1000 questions on the contents of the PMBOK® Guide Guide.

PMI® publishes the PMBOK® Guide Q and A Guide with a view to stressing the core essentials of project management knowledge so that project managers and project management practitioners alike can benefit from the question bank to better understand their knowledge on project management.

Questions in the PMP® book are multiple choice questions covering key project management knowledge and concepts (corresponding to the 10 project management knowledge areas in the PMBOK® Guide Guide – Fifth Edition). Answers to all the PMBOK® Guide Guide questions are explained in details with cross reference to the PMBOK® Guide Guide 5th edition.

The questions are designed to not only require memorization of the facts in the PMBOK® Guide Guide but also critical thinking and application. Some questions are worded in a way that are long and wordy and may contain superfluous information.

Readers’ Review of the PMP® Book

Many readers of Q & As for the PMBOK® Guide Guide – Fifth Edition reflect that the book is a good study tool for the PMP® / CAPM® Certification exam. By purchasing this book, they will no longer need to subscribe to online PMP® question banks for exam study or preparation. By tackling the questions in this book, they can understand the PMBOK® Guide Guide in greater depth which is very important for the CAPM® / PMP® Exam.

However, many readers also commented that the PMP® book contains lots of editorial and grammatical errors. The answers to several questions are also wrong. At least one of the reader commented that the questions to be found in the book is not close to the actual PMP® Exam. The Q & A book alone is not enough for helping PMP® aspirants to pass the PMP® Exam.

About the Publisher of the PMP® Book

The Project Management Institute (PMI®) is the publisher of this book. It is also one of the largest project management organization in the world administrating one of the most popular project management certification – the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam.

As the PMP® Exam is largely based on the PMBOK® Guide Guide, this PMP® book can be considered as the official question bank for the preparation of the PMP® Exam.

Preview of the PMP® Book

The Q & As for the PMBOK® Guide Guide – Fifth Edition can be purchased through PMI® website or the Amazon (The links to Amazon are affiliate links, meaning that your purchase through this link will allow me to earn a little money to keep this website running, thank you!) website. You can take an online preview of the PMP® book from the latter:


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