PMP Book: PMP EXAM Simplified – Aligned to PMBOK Guide 5th Edition

PMP Exam Prep Reference BookPMP® EXAM Simplified – Aligned to PMBOK® Guide Guide 5th Edition is a complete PMP® exam taking reference guide to help PMP® aspirants to pass the PMP® Exam with confidence. The PMP® Exam Simplified book contains over 1000 PMP® exam sample practice questions (mock exam questions) for PMP® candidates to practice. Each and every questions are explained in details on why an answer choice is correct and why the wrong answers are wrong. References are made to the PMBOK® Guide Guide for cross reference and further studies. Also, the questions found in this PMP® book are organized into sections following that of the PMBOK® Guide Guide 5th edition as well as some “summary quizzes” for several sections and a final 400 question PMP® mock exam covering all the areas required for the PMP® exam.

As recommended by many PMP®s, one of the most effective way to best prepare for the PMP® Exam is to practice taking PMP® mock exam questions and to learn from the mistakes one has made when attempting the questions. In this way, the PMP® candidates will understand their “knowledge gaps” (i.e. the weak areas of domain knowledge) to help them plan where to focus on in their subsequent study.

In addition, this PMP® Book is not only a list of questions, it contains a summary of the most important ideas, concepts and facts of each section of the PMBOK® Guide Guide which can be used as some sort of last minute revision notes. The book also features many PMP® exam taking tips with detailed explanation on application, countering several hundreds in total. It is worth pointing out that quite a few tips are on the exam taking strategy for the tools and techniques (ITTO) type questions.

In short, the PMP® book can be considered as a complete PMP® exam taking guide offering you both the practice questions as well as how to tackle the PMP® exam with the correct skills.

The PMP® Exam question book is a spiral-bound book with 450 pages. It measures 10.9 x 9.3 x 0.7 inches.

Review of the PMP® Question Book

Favorable reviews from the reader of this PMP® question book are received. Many found that the tips on the PMP® Exam offered throughout the PMP® book are very relevant and useful. This PMP® question book helps readers to make sense of the PMBOK® Guide Guide with the section summary and the questions and explanations. Many readers felt prepared after going through this book.

The questions are considered very realistic and valuable for helping PMP® aspirants to pass the PMP® exam. The questions help the PMP® students to focus on the important parts of the PMBOK® Guide Guide so that PMP® aspirants found it easier to understand and learn the essences of the PMBOK® Guide Guide. The questions and explanations help the reader to “think through the exam” rather than having them to memorize the concepts and facts for the exam.

One reviewer praised highly that even all wrong answers were explained in much details in the PMP® question book which allows readers to understand the reasoning for choosing the correct answer in greater clarity.

About the Author of the PMP® Book

The author of this PMP® book is Aileen Ellis. She is an experience PMP® instructor, having helped over 10000 PMP® and CAPM® candidates to get certified. She first taught project management exam prep course in 1998. Over the years, she has gained considerable knowledge about the PMBOK® Guide Guide and the PMP® exam by helping others gaining the PMP® Certification. She knows the ins and outs of the exam and therefore her PMP® exam prep courses and practice exam book are considered one of the best PMP® exam prep available on the market. She is the owner of the AME Group Inc., which is a PMI® Registered Education Provider.

Preview of the PMP® Book

PMP® EXAM Simplified – Aligned to PMBOK® Guide Guide 5th Edition can be purchased at Amazon (The links to Amazon are affiliate links, meaning that your purchase through this link will allow me to earn a little money to keep this website running, thank you!) by following the link below. Or you can take a closer look at the PMP® exam book there.

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