Mock Exams with 70-75% Correct is Enough to Pass the Real PMP Exam


Bommu Sampath Kumar

No. of Attempt
Study Duration
2 months

PMP® Course
PM PrepCast™
Prep Book
Andy Crowe

Mock Exams Attempted
PMBOK® Guide Read
1 time

“My the time exam day approached my success rate in the practice tests was still at 70-75% only as against 80-85% as advised by most of the preparatory sites available.”

Bommu Sampath Kumar cleared the PMP® exam and below is his lessons learned.

  • Purchased PM PrepCast™ video course and obtained the 35 contact hours certificate
  • Took a lot of time for the PMP® application
  • Scheduled my exam once approved

PMP® Exam Preparation

  • Studied 2 hrs daily
  • Took day off from work and studied 8-10 hrs daily for 10 consecutive days before the PMP® exam

Study Material used

  1. PM PrepCast™ – lots of explanation of the topics, watched once as I prefer reading to listening. Great value for obtaining the 35 contact hours certificate
  2. PMBOK® Guide Guide –  printed out all the ITTO tables in the book and kept revising during free time
  3. How To Pass PMP® On Your First Try by Andy Crowe – this is an excellent book, used it for around 60-70% of PMP® preparation. Easy to understand with lots of examples for illustration. However, it is a bit too easy, have to refer to other reference books for explanations on complex concepts.

PMP® Practice Exams

The PMP® Exam Day

  • Was a bit nervous at first
  • You will be video recorded and requested to show all your pockets.
  • Marked about 18 questions for final review for the first 50 questions
  • Took about 60 minutes to finish the first 100 questions
  • Took a break for 10 minutes and had some snacks
  • Altogether 60 questions marked for review for the whole exam
  • I did not change the answers much on review as it turned out that the first answers are always the correct answer

~ PMP® Lessons Learned by Bommu Sampath Kumar


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Notable Achievements

5 Proficient Pass 2nd Try