If You Know Which Mock PMP Exams are Bad, You are Ready


H. Babette Davis
CA, United States

No. of Attempt
Study Duration
4 months

PMP® Course
PM Champ
Prep Book
Head First PMP®

Mock Exams Attempted
PM Study

PMBOK® Guide Read

“There are hundreds of questions about PMP® on internet – unfortunately most are of bad quality. If you are able to detect the bad quality exams, you are prepared for exam.”

H. Babette Davis prepared for the PMP® exam for almost 4 months and passed at the first attempt.

  • The actual PMP® exam is a stressful experience but given the right study materials, one should be able to pass the exam.
  • Some questions were misleading by their wordings, it is very hard to find the right answer.

Preparations and Recommendations

  • Don’t rely solely on reading the PMBOK® Guide Guide. You will need some PMP® exam prep books.
  • Try out many practice exams online.
  • PM Champ online PMP® Training
    • I went through PM Champ online PMP® training. This was effective as it gave me a firm understand of all the knowledge areas.
  • O’Reilly Head First PMP®
    • If you find the PMBOK® Guide Guide boring, you should definitely try the Head First PMP® book. It is written in a conversation-like style. Head First is helpful particularly for you to understand and learn the complex concepts.
  • If a topic area is very new and difficult to you, you are recommended to use the Head First PMP® book, then follow up with reading the Rita’s. Head First makes your learning easier and fun, while Rita’s is very detailed to the point so that you can learn the materials deeper.
  • PMZilla Final PMP® Exam (200 tough questions)
    • Attempted the practice exam of PMZilla’s 200 questions just before the PMP® exam. Very tough and helpful.
  • Don’t forget to read also the code of ethics and conduct from the PMI® website
  • Learn your formulas for the PMP® exam by heart.

The PMP® Exam: Not easy; Not too tough; Not wordy

  • The real PMP® exam are totally different from any questions that I have seen from other sources.
  • You are suggested to understand the rationale behind the questions you have tried. Don’t depend on memorizing the ITTO’s, I did not memorize them, but I suppose I could have got two more questions right if I had.
  • PMP® exam consists mainly of situational questions. Try to attempt as many practice exams as possible. There are hundreds of practice questions for PMP® on internet – but unfortunately most of these are of low quality. If you are able to know which questions are bad, you are ready for the real PMP® exam.

~ PMP® Lessons Learned by H. Babette Davis


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Notable Achievements

5 Proficient Pass 2nd Try