Develop a Plan for your PMP Exam and Continually Monitor & Control It


Timothy Cheng

No. of Attempt
Study Duration
6 weeks

PMP® Course
PM PrepCast™
Prep Book
Andy Crowe

Mock Exams Attempted
PM Exam Simulator
PMBOK® Guide Read

“Develop a plan, and continually monitor and control it. Stay disciplined in keeping it, but flexible making changes as necessary.”

I took the PMP® earlier last month and passed with 4 Proficient and 1 Moderately Proficient.

PMP® Exam Process

Over the course of 6 weeks (am in between jobs so focused on PMP® full time):

  1. Create study plan (used suggestions and lesson learned from others) to create rough schedule
  2. Used Andy Crowe’s “How to Pass PMP® on Your first try” – taking notes
  3. Watched (majority of) PM PrepCast™ Lessons – to reinforce what I read
  4. Used PM Exam Simulator until I felt comfortable (consistently scoring 78% – 85%). Also used other (free & credible) simulations you can find online.
  5. Scheduled exam for that week.

Lessons Learned

  • Develop a plan, and continually monitor and control it. Stay disciplined in keeping it, but flexible making changes as necessary (i.e. add/remove study days, take more/less test, focus on specific topics)
  • Take plenty of practice test prior to gauge progress
    • identify weak spots
    • familiarize self with test, questions, appropriate answers, and important subject matter
    • select test date based on results
  • Interact with material – think how various processes and ITTO’s relate to each other and can be used in actual projects (DO NOT memorize ITTO’s)
  • Have a good test taking strategy:
    1. First 50 minutes – aim to get to 75 questions. Skip long, calculations, or difficult questions. Mark ones unsure about. Take a 5 minute break – near the restroom I did some jumping jacks to get the blood flowing.
    2. Second 50 minutes – do same as above. Take 5 – 10 minute break. use restroom, eat a snack, stretch/calisthenics
    3. Third 50 minutes – do same as above. If you’re on track you get to last question in this interval. Start going through skipped questions. Take a 10 minute break – stretching/calisthenics a MUST since your brain is fried at this point.
    4. Final 50 minutes go through skipped questions – aim to stay under 2 min for each. If you can’t skip it second time. Also go look at marked questions
    5. Last 5 minutes – guess on questions that are still unmarked. Ensure you answered everything.



~ PMP® Lessons Learned by Timothy Cheng

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Notable Achievements

5 Proficient Pass 2nd Try