How to Pass with Just 5 Days of Study and No Mock Tests?


Kanchan Raghav
Chicago, United States

No. of Attempt
Study Duration
5 days

PMP® Course

Prep Book

Mock Exams Attempted

PMBOK® Guide Read
1 time

“I did not memorize the ITTOs. Instead I tried to get used to the flow of information among the processes and there were hardly 3-4 questions in the exam on ITTO.”

Kanchan Raghav passed the PMP® exam today with Moderately Proficient in all domains. He passed it with just 5 days of preparation. Below is his lessons learned.


Around 8 years of experience in IT and Operations. I am an MBA in Supply Chain and work on lots of projects day in and out. I currently work in a management consulting firm. I would say I might be an outlier in terms of my background and my learning lessons may not serve everyone on the forum.

Lesson Learned

  1. 2 “Below Proficient” means a fail in the PMP® exam. Make sure to avoid having 2 below proficient or more.
  2. The Initiating and Closing sections are short and easy. If you understand these two sections thoroughly, you have avoided 2″Below Proficient”.
  3. I read the PMBOK® Guide Guide once and tried to understand all the concepts.
  4. I did not memorize the ITTOs. I tried to get used to the process flow in the PMBOK® Guide Guide to understand more about the ITTOs.
  5. I skipped the Communication and Human Resource Knowledge Areas completely.
  6. Memorized all the Earned Value Management formulas. And included them in the brain dump.
  7. I did not take any practice exams during my PMP® preparation.
  8. These are top knowledge areas I encountered on the exam  – procurement management, quality management and risk management.
  9. There were many PMP® questions on conflict resolution too.
  10. I finished 100 questions in under 80 min and the other 100 in roughly the same time. Reviewed all the marked questions. Since there are some time left, reviewed questions selected by random.

~ PMP® Lessons Learned by Kanchan Raghav


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Notable Achievements

5 Proficient Pass 2nd Try