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The Project Management Institute (PMI®) advocates the collection of lessons learned from projects in order to benefit future projects.

Lessons Learned: The knowledge gained during a project which shows how project events were addressed or should be addressed in the future with the purpose of improving future performance.
~ PMBOK® Guide Guide 5th Edition

In the same sense, the best way to begin preparing for the PMP® exam is to exploit the strategies and experiences of successful PMP® Certification exam takers. Many PMP®s have generously shared their PMP® exam lessons learned on the internet. They are like giving back their knowledge gained during their exam preparation to the PMP® aspirants community.

However, each PMP® has his/her own way of doing things that may or may not suit everyone. Some may even offer contradictory suggestions. The best way avoid the bias is to read as many lessons learned as possible. Google the phrase ‘PMP® Exam Lessons Learned’ will give you literally millions of search results that you know to filter and find out the quality and relevant ones to read.

This takes a lot of time which will eat up the time reserved for actually preparing the PMP® Exam. I have been there and I know the pains. I passed the PMP® exam in November 2013 and understand how hard it is to find unbiased lessons learned.

That’s why I set up this website to help fellow PMP® aspirants to get quality lessons learned all in one place.

To further ease your preparation, I analyzed over 100 PMP® exam  lessons learned, extracted the most valuable and applicable suggestions and consolidated them with an aim to helping aspirant PMP®s to have the best gears to pass the PMP® exam. The fruit is this report you are reading.

This report cannot be made possible without the help of hundreds of PMP®s who share their valuable secrets on how to pass the PMP® exam. Also, the article 100 PMP® Exam “Lessons Learned” Posts… All In One! gives me the inspiration. This is a wonderful post that you may benefit from reading it.

Wish you every success in your PMP® journey!

About the Author

Edward Chung, PMP®, is a full-stack web developer/designer/project manager. Having gone through the ordeal of PMP® Certification preparation, Edward considers the best way to begin the preparation of the PMP® exam is to go through lessons learned of successful exam takers. The PMP® Exam Lessons Learned Website aspires to serve as the PMO of “PMP® Exam Preparation Projects” all over the world.



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