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How Many PMI® PMP® Certification Prep Books Are Required?

Advices on the number of required exam prep books vary. But the general consensus is you need at least one exam prep book. Pick the number you are comfortable with, i.e. within time and budget constraints.

chart showing number of PMP Certification exam prep books

  • Most of the PMP® aspirants made use of the PMBOK® Guide Guide and 1 to 2 additional PMP® exam prep books
  • But don’t make use of too many exam prep books as this may confuse you

How to Study PMBOK® Guide and PMI® PMP® Certification Prep Materials?

PMP®s disagree on how to study the PMBOK® Guide Guide with exam prep books.

Must Follow

  • Download a FREE searchable PDF of PMBOK® Guide Guide from PMI® website (for members only)
  • The PMBOK® Guide Guide may look very difficult at first, keep on reading and you will begin to make sense of it


  • You may either go through the PMBOK® Guide Guide first and follow by exam prep books or vice versa
  • It is also recommended to go through the PMBOK® Guide Guide and exam prep books concurrently chapter by chapter
  • Read and learn the glossary of PMBOK® Guide Guide and exam prep books

Which Are the Most Popular PMI® PMP® Certification Prep Reference Book?

Note:  represents the relative rank;  represents the number of mentions in the lessons learned.

Rita’s vs Head First vs Andy Crowe vs Kim Heldman

This should be the toughest questions to answer. Luckily, after analyzing 100+ PMP® Lessons Learned, we come to the conclusion that:

  • If you want to know the ins and outs of project management and are not afraid of difficult materials, Rita’s is your definite choice.
  • If you want to take it easy, go for the exam oriented guide by Andy Crowe.
  • If you are a visual learner, go for Head First.
  • If you want an alternative approach to the PMBOK® Guide, Kim Heldman will help you.

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