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Do I Need to Memorize ITTOs?

Perhaps this is one of the most frequently asked question about PMP®. There are around 400 of inputs, tools & techniques and outputs in the PMBOK® Guide Guide. The thought of having to remember them may deter many PMP® aspirants. We have two different schools of thought here, choosing a side that is comfortable to you.


  • Try to understand reasons why the ITTOs are there rather than memorizing
  • Focus on the logical relationships between them
  • If you can, memorize the ITTOs. Otherwise, don’t worry about them.


  • If you can memorize the ITTOs, you will be able to get a few more questions right
  • Memorizing the ITTOs help you understand the PMBOK® Guide Guide better

How to Learn PMBOK® Guide Formulas?

For Project Managers not coming from sciences background, PMBOK® Guide formulas may sometimes difficult to grasp.

  • Memorize the formulas
  • Understand how to apply the PMP® formulas

Do I Need to Read Through the PMBOK® Guide Guide? How Many Times?

To many, the PMBOK® Guide Guide is a sleeping pill. Is it utterly important to read through it? From the survey, the answer is a resounding YES.

chart showing number of time reading the PMBOK Guide

  • The PMBOK® Guide Guide is a must read
  • It explains all the exam topics well
  • You may need to skim through the PMBOK® Guide Guide more than once
  • The appendix and glossary are especially valuable

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