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pmp book - ultimate pmpThe Ultimate PMP® Exam Prep Guide

The Ultimate PMP® Exam Prep Guide authored by Wes Balakian, PMP® and Timothy S. Bergmann, PMP® is published by True Solutions Inc.  This PMP® Book is tailored for candidates preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) exam or the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) exam. The authors of this exam prep book have trained thousands of professionals in the field of project management to prepare for and pass both the PMP® and CAMP exams over the past thirteen years. It is the same textbook people attending the PMP® or CAMP training course operated by True Solutions Inc would use in their lessons.

The Ultimate PMP® Exam Prep Guide is dedicated to PMP® aspirants who would like to pass the PMP® exam in first attempt. It contains everything candidates would need to know for the exam. The contents are written in clear and concise language. Every project management concepts are clearly defined and explained with apt examples. This book aims to complement the PMBOK® Guide Guide published by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). Readers preparing for the PMP® exam should read the PMBOK® Guide Guide together with this book to reap the best results. Chapters are arranged in a way identical to the PMBOK® Guide Guide so that readers will be able make cross reference between the two guides for the exam.

Review sheets, illustrations, diagrams, real-life examples are included in the body of content to help clarifying and explanation the concepts in a more vivid way. A lot of exercises and practice questions can also be found to allow readers to assess their understanding of the subject matters. Rapid review sheets are provided at the end of each chapter to highlight the important concepts which can also be used as a last minute revision aid.

This PMP® book is unique in the editing process of the book where dozens of certified PMP® holders were involved in contributing and editing the content in order to ensure providing the best values to PMP® aspirants.

Reviews of the Ultimate PMP® Book

Though this is a less popular PMP® exam prep book, many readers of the PMP® exam prep book have written favorable reviews about it.

Richard Hill used this book as a study guide to pass the PMP® exam in first try. He considered this PMP® book as very practical. He even used this book for his daily work in project management. He was especially impressed with the project progression structure outlined in the book which can be used as a checklist for the management of individual projects.

Chris reviewed that this Ultimate PMP® book was an excellent textbook for the PMP® preparation. He used it together with the PMBOK® Guide Guide to prepare for his exam. He added that this book covered a lot more than the PMBOK® Guide Guide in terms of the materials required for the PMP® exam. With these two exam prep books, he passed the PMP® exam easily.

About the Publisher

The True Solutions Inc is both an international project management consultancy firm as well as a PMP®/CAMP exam training institute. It offers consultancy solutions in project and program management, helping clients implementing process improvements in complex projects around the world through its own methodology. It also helps training and coaching project and program managers of the performing organization to enhance project success and delivery. Besides, the training courses provided by the True Solutions Inc are highly popular among PMP® aspirants. A wide variety of training formats are provided, these include classroom training, online e-learning, practice exam simulators and PMP® exam prep books. Products and services by the True Solutions Inc are used by international corporations, universities and global partners.

About the Authors

Wes Balakian, PMP®, has over 15 years in providing project management and PMP® training and education to organizations and individuals around the world. He is also a seasoned project management consultant who has delivered values to the project management profession as a whole. Wes is also an accomplished speaker at various international project management conferences.

Timothy S. Bergmann, PMP® is a prolific author in the field of information auditing and project management. He has coauthored with Wes Balakian for two PMP® exam prep guides.

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