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edwel pmp bookEdwel Programs PMP® Course

Edwel has been training project managers to prepare for the PMP® exam since 1992. Over the years, more than 25,000 students have attained the Project Management Professional Credential through Edwel PMP® training courses. The passing rate for Edwel PMP® course is over 98%. The instructors also write dedicated exam prep PMP® book for their students as their own experiences and angle can be integrated into the textbook. Edwel is a PMI® approved R.E.P. (registered education provider)

Edwel PMP® Book

The Edwel Textbook available online free through Edwel website is the same PMP® Exam Prep Boot Camp Manual to be distributed to students attending the Edwel PMP® training boot camp. It is a 400-page guide for the PMP® exam.

Features of Edwel PMP® Exam Prep Book

  • The book covers all the knowledge to be tested on the PMP® exam.
  • It is arranged in a similar fashion with the PMBOK® Guide Guide – the project management knowledge guide published by PMI® which covers the majority of knowledge for the PMP® exam.
  • Additional knowledge is covered in the textbook which is not found in the PMBOK® Guide Guide but believed to appear on the exam.
  • Detailed explanation and walk through on calculation type questions.
  • Important areas within the textbook are highlighted with color and reminders, allowing students to revise these areas quickly and easily.
  • Chapter end exercise (including filling in the blanks and matching) are provided to let students access their progress.
  • Chapter end quizzes are also included. Edwel website states that if students can get over 80% from the quizzes, they are ready to attend the Project Management Professional exam.
  • A 50-question pre-test at the end of the book allows students to access their overall progress of their study and their readiness for the PMP® exam. (In addition, Edwel also provide a free 200-question PMP® practice exam online for free. Students may make use of this after they have finished studying the study guide.)
  • All exercises, quizzes and pre-test come with detailed explanation with cross reference to the PMBOK® Guide Guide.

Author of Edwel Textbook

The author of the Edwel textbook for Project Management Professional boot camp are the instructors of the Edwel PMP® boot camp. They have more than 15 years of experience in teaching project management to students in classroom settings. They know the ins and outs of project management and the PMP® Certification exam to create such a comprehensive textbook.

How to Obtain Edwel PMP® Book?

The Edwel Project Management Professional Exam Prep Book is available for free at After submitting your email address, you will get a download link to download the Edwel PMP® Book in PDF format in a day or two.

While we don’t understand why Edwel would give out such a valuable resource for free, perhaps out of marketing consideration or as a way to make contribute to the field of project management, every PMP® aspirant should make good use of such a free resource.

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