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PDU Requirements for PMP®

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PMP®s are requested to obtain 60 Professional Development Units for each 3-year certification cycle. 1 PMP® PDU equals 1 hour of participation in the PDU activity. PDUs can be recorded in quarterly increment, i.e. multiple of 0.25 PDUs.

Like many other certifications, PMI® would like to ensure that PMP®s keep up with the latest trends and best practices in the ever-evolving field of project management. Therefore, the system of PDU is established to stipulate the continuing education requirements of PMP®s.

If you earn more than enough PDUs during the cycle, a maximum of 20 PMP® PDU earned in the 3rd year can be brought forward to the next certification cycle.

However, if you cannot earn enough PMP® PDU during the 3-year cycle, your PMP® credential will be suspended. You will have 1 extra year to earn the required PDUs. However, be reminded that the next 3-year cycle will still be counted from your original credential end date.

It is always advisable to earn enough PDUs for each 3-year certification cycle.

6 Categories of PMP® PDU

Category Description Examples Cap
(required: 60)
Education Categories
Courses offered by PMI®’s R.E.P.s,
chapters and communities
– attend PMI® events
– courses by PMI® REPs
webinars by PMI® (free for members)
– answer PMI® publication quiz (fee required)
Continuing Education – project management courses by universities
– project management events not organized by PMI®
(note: only activities directly related to project management will be counted)
C Self-directed Learning read books or watch videos about project management
– listen to podcasts
– formal discussion about project management
– mentor by coach/consultant
Giving Back to the Profession Categories
D Creating New Project Management Knowledge – write project management books
– blogging (blogging about PMP® exam is NOT eligible)
– participate Q&A websites about project management
– give presentations / podcasts / webinars
– develop project management course
(max. 15 for Cat. F)
E Volunteer Service – volunteer for project management organization (e.g. PMI® local chapters)
– serve as committee members for project management organizations
– provide training to others
F Working as a Professional in Project Management – work as a Project Manager
perform the function of project management

How to Document PDU?

After attending the PDU activities, you will need to submit the activity details online to claim the PDU through the Continuing Credential Requirements System (CCRS) (except real-time webinar by PMI® which will be automatically claimed).

report pmp pdu

It will take PMI® a while to approve and grant you the PDUs after the submission depending on the kind of activities. Recorded webinars will be approved instantly while reading a project management book may takes several days. An approval email will be sent to you once approved.

However, PMI® reserves the rights to alter the number of PDUs for your PDU activities and they will give you their justification in the approval email.

PMP® Credential Renewal

After you have collected enough PDUs for your certification cycle, PMI® will check your submitted PDUs and send you an electronic notification for credential renewal application. You will need to complete the Application for Certification Renewal form online and settle the renewal fee of US$60 (for members) / US$150 (for non-members) . The renewal process must be completed before 90 days after your credential end date.

Should an audit is required by PMI®, you will need to present the documentation outlined below for verification by PMI® before allowing you to complete the renewal application.

PMI® will then process your request and send you the renewal PMP® certificate in 6 to 8 weeks.

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Begin collecting your Professional Development Units (PMP® PDU) from the date you are a PMP®! Take on a new adventure in PMI®-ACP Certification, ITIL v3 Foundation Certification or setting up your own blog to develop continually in your career. Or find a job with your new PMP® Credential!


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