Upon Passing the PMP Certification Exam

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You are immediately a PMP®!

With the Congratulation message appearing on the computer screen after 4 hours of intensive problem solving, you are now a PMP®! The exam center will print you an exam report which is the only proof for your PMP® status for the time being. Do keep it in a safe place. In case there is some technical errors in the computer systems, this will be your only proof you have passed the PMP® exam. There are cases that PMI® could not find the examination records and results of some candidates in the past. Yet with the printed exam reports as the proof, those candidates were made PMP® without the need to re-take the PMP® exam again! Only discard the exam report after you have received your PMP® certificate.

From this very moment, you can:

  • Use PMP® as your credential behind your name, in your resume, on your website, etc.
  • Use the PMP® logo in your personal namecard only (not on your website or company namecard)
  • Begin earning PDUs for the 3-year renewal cycle
  • Find your name in the PMP® directory (usually within 48 hours)
  • Request a PMP® lapel pin be mailed to you free of charge

It will take 6-8 weeks before the PMP® certificate reach your by mail. The certificate package will include the following items:

  • PMP® credential certificate
  • a congratulatory letter
  • information on how to maintain the PMP® credential

If you would like to receive the PMP® lapel pin (who do not want?) , you will need to log in the PMI® website, go to the PMI® Marketplace and add it to the cart. It will be mailed at zero cost. Only PMP®s are allowed to request this pin.

Note that the certificate and the lapel pin will arrive in separate packages.

pmp certificate

pmp pin

The Next Step >>

Congratulates on being a PMP®. Collecting Professional Development Units (PDU) will be your next PMP® task for the following 3 years.

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