The Definitive PMP Certification and Study Guide

~ what you should know about Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification but the Project Management Institute (PMI®) does not tell you

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Updated for the New PMP® Exam (from 12 Jan 2016 onwards)!

Welcome to the Definitive PMP® Certification and Study Guide, the most in-depth online PMP® guide to help you familiarize and pass the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and obtain the Project Management Professional Certification credential.

While PMI® does provide you with a PMP® Handbook to provide you with basic information for the Project Management Professional Certification, you will get more questions than answers reading this book alone as it is written in a formal language and it does not provide detailed information on the “contact hours” and the “working experiences”, etc.

The Definitive PMP® Certification and Study Guide you are now reading will guide you through the PMP® PMI® Certification process from getting to know what is Project Management Professional  Certification, finishing the PMP® application and examination to collecting PDUs to maintain your PMP® credential. It will answer almost all of your questions about the PMP® Certification in an easy-to-understand way.

PMP® Certified in 10 Steps – Your PMP® Study Guide

The guide is divided into the following steps:

  1. What is Project Management Professional Certification and Why Becoming a PMP®?
  2. An Overview of the PMP® Certification Process
  3. Time, Effort and Budget Required for Getting and Maintaining the PMP® Credential
  4. 35 Hours of Project Management Education – How and Where to Get the Required PMP® Training?
  5. PMP® Study Materials: PMBOK® Guide, Reference Books and Practice Exams
  6. Points to Note When Filling the Online Application Form
  7. The PMP® Audit Process
  8. Scheduling and Taking the PMP® Certification Exam
  9. Upon Passing the PMP® PMI® Certification Exam
  10. PDUs in Much More Details

Following the above steps one by one will help you clear the most common doubts about the PMP® Project Management Professional Certification. For example, many aspirant PMP®s do not know whether they should begin by reading the PMBOK® Guide Guide or getting the 35 Contact Hours or applying for the PMI® Project Management Professsional Certification first. The most recommended way to make full use of all study materials and help you understand them best is to (after knowing that you have fulfilled the degree/sub-degree education and working experience requirements):

  1. Get the 35 Contact Hours by going through the project management course which will help understanding the concepts presented in the PMBOK® Guide Guide which is difficult to grasp by reading the PMBOK® Guide Guide alone
  2. Make up your mind to pass the Project Management Professional Certification by getting all the required study materials – PMBOK® Guide Guide, PMP® reference book and practice exams
  3. Apply for the PMP® Credential Certification which will need your 35 Contact Hours certificate details and you can begin serious study from now on

These 3 steps are the easiest and most logical way to prepare for the PMP® Certification.

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About the Author

Edward Chung is a recent PMP® who has taken the pains to understand the PMP® Certification process and requirements by searching the web for dozens of hours. The process is so time-consuming and tedious that Edward could not help but thinking why PMI® would not issue a more user-friendly guide to lessen the burden of would-be PMP®s, thereby leaving more time for them to really studying for the PMP® Certification.

After successfully obtaining the PMP®, Edward initiates a project to create the most useful website for PMP® aspirants at, the website and this informative guide you are now visiting .

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