List of Best Online PMP Training and Bootcamp Courses

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Online PMP® Training for PMP® 35 Contact Hours Project Management Education

The following list of PMP® certification online courses will provide you the PMI® required 35 contact hour certificate which will qualify you for the PMP® Certification project management education requirement (as indicated by the respective education providers).

When choosing the PMP® Certification online training, you are highly advised to select the PMP® online training course based on the following selection criteria:

  • 35 contact hour certificate – this is the basic requirement, all PMP® training courses below will provide you with the certificate
  • total cost – ranges from as low as $39 to well over $300, but do not just consider this cost alone, you should try to find a quality PMP® training course which will really help you to pass the PMP® exam, as the cost for retake the PMP® exam is $275 (don’t save a few bucks here but have to pay the much higher re-examination fee)
  • duration of access – some offers just 30 days while some offers life-time access, choose one that suits your schedule
  • course quality – whether this is a quality PMP® training course created by PMI® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), remember also to read review of actual students (you may search for the [product-name] + review)
  • course format – whether you must be sitting before a computer or you can carry it anywhere by downloading the lessons to your mobile phone (this is great for studying during transit), choose a format that fits your schedule
  • study aids – any study handbook, practice questions, etc. to guide you through the study
  • exam oriented – any tips and training for the actual PMP® exam as many of us have not taken examinations for years, let alone an 4-hour examination
  • number and quality of practice exams – practice doing PMP® exam is very important for PMP® aspirants to succeed in the real PMP® test, if your online training does not include one, you might need to purchase practice exams at a later time or use the free PMP® practice exams
  • refund policy (if any) – if you are not satisfied with the course, can you get a refund? If the product offers refund, this is an indication that the quality of the product is high and the producer is very confident of its quality.
  • student population – it is often said that so many people can’t be wrong. The same applies to online PMP® training, try to find out if there are already tens of thousands of students having successfully passed the PMP® exam using the product. According to a survey with 100 recent PMP®s, the following courses are the most popular choices among them to help them prepare for the PMP® exam:
1stPM PrepCast™
logo of most popular pmp online training course - PM PrepCast46%
Classroom PMP Training is the second most popular training for PMP exam18%
3rd most popular PMP online training course - Simplilearn9%

Below is a list of PMP® Certification online training arranged in order of the cost of the PMP® online courses for your easy reference. We have highlighted in yellow three products that are the best according our strict criteria as detailed above. Interesting enough, they are among the lower cost PMP® training options available in the market.

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US$300 or above PMP® Training

4C Change Partners PMP® Certification Preparation

10 x 2-hour online lessons, 1-hour of mentoring, pre-test and practice exams


Information about 4C Change Partners PMP® Certification Preparation

cPrime PMP® Certification Online Bootcamp

65 online interactive lessons, study aids and 1 practice exam, 90 days access

Information about cPrime PMP® Certification Online Bootcamp

PM Training PMP® Certification Bootcamp On-Demand Course

65 online interactive lessons, study materials and quizzes, 90 days access

Information about PM Training PMP® Certification Bootcamp On-Demand Course

US$200-300 PMP® Training

PM College PM Professional Coach – PMP® Prep Package

online lessons, electronic flash cards, Q&A section and 1 practice exam, 40 hours access within 90 days

Information about PM College PM Professional Coach – PMP® Prep Package

CrossWind PMP® Exam Success Series: Certification Study System

printed manual, audio lessons, 8600 practice questions, electronic flashcards

Information about CrossWind PMP® Exam Success Series: Certification Study System

US$100-200 PMP® Training

PM Study Online Course – Gold

12 video lessons, 12 study material, 4 practice exams, mobile application, 30 days access*

Information about PM Study Online Course – Gold

PM Campus PMP® Exam Prep Courses

audio webcast, 600 practice questions, online ask an expertpass guarantee, 90 days access

Information about PM Campus PMP® Exam Prep Courses

GreyCampus Online PMP® Course

online video lessons with downloadable lecture powerpoint files, Flash cards, practice questions and practice exams, 1-year access

Information about GreyCampus Online PMP® Course

Under US$100 PMP® Training

Whizlabs PMP® Self Study Training

13 video lessons, 594 Flash cards, 200 practice questions, 4 practice examspass guarantee

Information about Whizlabs PMP® Self Study Training

WizIQ Project Management Professional (PMP®) PMBOK® Guide 5 Certification Training

36 hours of live interactive classes, unlimited review of record classes, 1 practice exam

Information about WizIQ PMP® Certification Training

Proxalt 35 Hrs PM Education

flash-based lessons, 50 questions, 30 days access

Information about Proxalt 35 Hrs PM Education

Finding the right online course for your PMP® training need is a very crucial part of your PMP® study. We also recommend you to take a look at the free PMP® Guide for Beginners that provides step-by-step instructions on how to become a PMP®.

Wish you have found the perfect PMP® Certification Online training for your PMP® success.

Disclosure: By making purchases through the affiliate links, you will help funding (at NO extra cost to you) the continual running of this website to continue providing quality PMP®® exam information. Thank you!


* the access period can be extended with additional costs.