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Fadly Arisandy Rasyad

No. of Attempt
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3 months

PMP® Course
PM PrepCast™
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Andy CroweHead First PMP®

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1 time

“Do note that, PMP® exam preparation relies heavily on your determination and personal goals – what you want to achieve with it! Thus, mental preparation is very important, before your studies.”

Fadly Arisandy Rasyad passed the PMP® exam in one try. Below is his exam experience sharing and tips:

Exam Experience

  • It was an extremely difficult and very tiring process as it requires you to maintain focus 4 hours continuously
  • Some questions are very wordy.
  • Many of them are situational questions with several possible answers.
  • The PMP® exam is challenging.

My Story

  • Preparation for 7 months out of procrastination.
  • Kept re-scheduling the exam date for 3 times.
  • It took about 2 months for proper PMP® preparation with full concentration.
  • Mental preparation before your studies is very important.

Be Ready for the PMP® Exam

  • Tips #1 – Set yourself the target of passing the PMP® Exam.
  • Tips #2 – Understand why you would like to get the PMP® Credential, this will be your ultimate driving force.
  • Tips #3 – Never, ever procrastinate your studies. Discipline is very important.
  • Tips #4 – Set up a rhythm of study. Study every day.
  • Tips #5 – Make sure you try to read and understand a chapter for every 2 days.
  • Tips #6 – If you find PMBOK® Guide Guide difficult to understand at first, try finding a good exam prep book. Read the prep book first and read PMBOK® Guide guide once you finished the prep books.
  • Tips #7 – Practice a lot with practice exams and simulators.

PMP® Classroom Training?

  • My answer is absolutely NOT! It takes time and is very costly. Why not try online study? The PM PrepCast™ is my choice as PM PrepCast™ will give you the 35 contact hours required for PMP® Exam Application.

~ PMP® Lessons Learned by Fadly Arisandy Rasyad


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Notable Achievements

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