PMP is Harder Than Other Certifications


Tomas Fojta
Czech Republic

No. of Attempt
Study Duration
21 months

PMP® Course
Prep Book

Mock Exams Attempted
PMBOK® Guide Read
1 time

“The questions are usually situational so the answer is not a clear cut. Memorizing does not help, you have to know the concepts and the apply them.”

Tomas Fojta successfully passed the PMP® Certification exam and below is his lessons learned.

My Studies

  • The PMP® application was quite a complicated process. One has to fill in the details of working experiences in the function of a project manager. It would require up to a few days’ time.
  • I planned to read a chapter of the PMBOK® Guide, take 20 practice exam questions of that particular chapter from PM FASTrack and read the same chapter of Rita’s PM Exam Prep book and finally take end of chapter practice questions.
  • My practice exam results were around 60-70% and increased to 80% after reading Rita’s PMP® book.

The PMP® Exam

  • Took breaks every 50 questions.
  • I wrote 2 formulas as my brain dump on the scratch paper provided as I was confident of knowing the other formulas by heart.


My Lessons Learned

  • Do not get sidetracked during the study, maintain your focus
  • Create a PMP® study plan and stick to it
  • The PMBOK® Guide Guide together with the Rita’s PMP® book is enough.
  • Do many practice tests to training your focus and formulate your exam taking strategy.

Comparison to Other Certifications

  • I think PMP® is harder compared to VMware or EMC certifications. 
  • It takes more time to study and requires real working experiences to fully understand.
  • Memorizing does not help a lot, one has really to understand the concepts and the apply the concepts in situational questions.

~ PMP® Lessons Learned by Tomas Fojta


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Notable Achievements

5 Proficient Pass 2nd Try