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Joshua D Nankivel
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“I’m confident that if I took the PMP® exam again a year from now, I’d pass it with no problem because I know this stuff, I didn’t just memorize it.”

This is the story of Joshua D Nankivel with regards to his pursuit of the PMP® Certification. He passed the PMP® exam in first attempt.

General PMP® Tips

  • Many questions will ask you to pick the “best” answer among several correct answers
  • Sometimes, the technique of eliminating 2 answers did not work as there are often 3 possible answers
  • There is not a single questions asking which is NOT correct
  • I was not allowed to use my own calculator
  • I brought a bottled water and some light snacks and store them in the locker.
  • I took a break at least every 45 minutes to stare out the window and refresh my mind for 5-10 minutes.
  • It took me only 2 1/2 hours to finish the PMP® exam. It might take longer for non-English native candidates.

Preparation Plan

  • PM PrepCast™ is great as it comes with some sample questions, a study guide, and gives you the required 35 contact hours of education for the PMP® application.
  • PMBOK® Guide Guide is used as a reference only as I did not read through it.
  • I began practicing the concepts in the PMBOK® Guide on my everyday project
  • No more studying 2 weeks before the exam. During this time, I did a lot of practice exams.

PMP® Preparation Tools

  • I listened to the PM PrepCast™ when driving to and from work. It helped me “internalize” the concepts as the instructor gives lots of real-world examples. I understand the concepts very well.
  • I did not memorize ITTO’s. I just used the flowcharts in the PMBOK® Guide guide to understand their relationship.

Why did I Pursue PMP®?

  • The primary reason I wanted to get the PMP® Certificate was that I can meet the requirements of many prospective employers for an interview. The PMBOK® Guide is a standard, not best practices. It’s a framework, not a methodology for how you should actually manage a project. Of course, it is my experience and performance that count in the end.
  • The PMP® is but one of the many things I’ve done to present my skills and values to prospective employers. This certificate alone won’t make me a good project manager.

The REAL Benefit

  • It was during the process of studying for the PMP® Certification and applying the concepts learned in my daily work that I understand the value of this Certification.
  • I have better understanding of why or why not I follow a process in the PMBOK® Guide Guide.
  • PM PrepCast™ is wonderful and it worth 10 times than its selling price. I studied while driving and got lots of real-world examples to bring the concepts to life for easy understanding.

~ PMP® Lessons Learned by Joshua D Nankivel


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