Don’t Analyze Too Much During PMP Test


Sridevi Kavitha Venkat
TX, United States

No. of Attempt
Study Duration
6 months

PMP® Course
PM PrepCast™
Prep Book
Head First PMP®

Mock Exams Attempted

PMBOK® Guide Read
3 times

“On closing notes, I would say the BEST way/plan to study is ‘your own way/plan’. Prepare your own notes instead of getting from others.”

Sridevi Kavitha Venkat passed the PMP® exam on first try. It took him 6 months of serious study in order to pass the exam. Below are his PMP® tips.

  1. Read the PMBOK® Guide Guide at least 3 times
  2. Watch the PM PrepCast™ video lessons at least twice
  3. Get help from exam prep materials like: Rita’s PMP® Book, Head First PMP® etc..
  4. Understand the concept rather than relying on memorizing
  5. The formulas should be memorized
  6. Practice, Practice, Practice as many PMP® practice exams as possible until you are confident enough, there are many free practice exams online
  7. Write your own brain dump sheet and practice making it everyday
  8. Don’t analyze too much during the exam, keep your time and go on
  9. Look out for trick questions including the words: “Not” or “Except”
  10. Don’t answer the questions from your own experience, answer them according to the PMBOK® Guide Guide

~ PMP® Lessons Learned by Sridevi Kavitha Venkat


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5 Proficient Pass 2nd Try