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“I did ask myself, “what can I bring to the PMP® exam?” I didn’t really see any good list of all the stuff you’ll want to have with you for the 4-hour exam ordeal, so here’s one for you to modify as a starting point …”

Eva Lyford passed the PMP® exam recently for the first try. Below are her lessons learned.

  • Project management professional (PMP®) certification through the Project Management Institute (PMI®) is the most recognized standard for Project Manager Certification in the U.S., so I tried to get the PMP® during a break between 2 projects.
  • It is good to learn new tools and techniques for project management through the processes defined in the PMBOK® Guide. It is also good to understand why a process in the standard is followed or not, not out of ignorance but an informed decision.
  • The Head First PMP® includes many interactive elements to get your brain working which is very informative and engaging. It is no a traditional textbook.
  • The PMBOK® Guide Guide is a just a reference guide, the PMP® examination asks for more. One will need to study with different reference books to know all the details.
  • I attempted Oliver Lehmann‘s 75 free PMP® practice exam questions together with the 175 question pdf. These are much more difficult than the real PMP® question. I listened to the Ultimate PMP® Exam Prep CDs during driving to get exposed to the material again.
  • The exam center provided me with a calculator, pencils, a scratch paper and headphones. There is also an online calculator but I preferred the independent one.
  • Don’t underestimate the mental endurance which is required to sit for an 4-hour exam. You have to practice at least twice for the full-length practice exams. There are some free PMP® practice exams online for you to rehearse.
  • Time management is key for the PMP® exam. I fully utilize the 15 minutes tutorial time to do the  brain dump of all the formulas, get familiarize myself with the mouse and computer.
  • I took a break of 10 minutes every hour and managed to finish the PMP® exam in under 3 hours.

~ PMP® Lessons Learned by Eva Lyford


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