100+ Tips on PMP Certification Training & Study by 100 PMPs

Several Days Before Test – What to Do?

The PMP® Test date is drawing near, time to get prepared for the big day. Follow the tips below to ensure you stay in the best conditions for the exam.

Must Follow

  • Sleep well the night before
  • Plan ahead when you will take a break
  • Take care not to fall ill


  • Try to visit the exam centre beforehand
  • Take time off before the exam day
  • Skim through the study notes you have prepared
  • Glance through The PMBOK® Guide Guide glossary
  • Practice more mock exams if you have time
  • Relax
  • Do exercise

On the Day of Test – What to Do?

Today is your big day. Don’t worry and be confident. Several hours later, you will get the respected PMP® after your name.

Must Follow

  • Arrive at the exam venue early
  • Bring a jacket/coat, the exam venue may be cold
  • It is better not to put anything in your pockets, the centre staff will require you to show your pockets
  • Relax


  • You should be dressed comfortably and confidently
  • Report to the exam venue staff if you arrive early
  • You may use the headphone provided by the centre staff if you are sensitive to noise
  • You should eat before the exam
  • You may bring a snack to the exam centre and store it in the locker

During the Test – What to Do?

Only 4 more hours to go, but this is the most important moment for your whole PMP® preparation. Know your strategy and know the exam skills. Rock the PMP® Exam!

Must Follow

  • Stay positive, have confidence in yourself
  • The first few questions may seem more difficult, keep calm and move on
  • The real exam might take you more time than practice exams
  • Read all the questions carefully
  • Even if you don’t know the answer, try to fill in an answer before moving on
  • Relax by breathing deeply
  • Begin the exam tutorial before creating the braindump
  • Stay calm


  • Try to write down a braindump if that helps
  • Break down the PMP® exam into 4 sets of mini exams
  • Take a break to help refocus
  • Simile to relax
  • Look out for tricky questions
  •  When seeing the words “except”, “never”, “best”, “most likely” etc., watch out!
  • Review all formulas questions
  • If time is running out, no need to mark questions for review
  • Try not to change your original answers too frequently

How If I Failed the PMI® PMP® Test?

Even with the best preparation, sometimes things just do not work. Don’t be discouraged. There are many successful PMP®s who have walked this way. According to unofficial sources, the fail rate is as high as 40%. Let the lessons learned from those who fails the first attempt accompany you through this hard times:

  • Don’t worry, there are two more chances to take
  • Try to study from the basics for the second preparation
  • Try to relax first, e.g. going on a trip

Notable Achievements

5 Proficient Pass 2nd Try