100+ Tips on PMP Certification Training & Study by 100 PMPs

How to Make Full Use of Practice Exams?

Must Follow

  • Keep a record of the scores you have gotten
  • Mark down the questions you have guessed during the practice exams
  • Review all questions that you’ve got wrong answers
  • Understand your knowledge gaps and pay attention to those in your next study
  • Look for tricky questions
  • Keep a record of careless mistakes
  • Try “exam simulators”, i.e. those that have an interface resembling the real PMP® exam
  • Take full length (4 hours) PMP® practice exams several times
  • Try only the reliable practice exams
  • Score at least 70%-80% in mock exams and you will be ready for the real exam


  • Take as many mock exams as you can
  • If you have scheduled the exam in the afternoon, practice the mock exams in the afternoon
  • Search through lessons learned from other successful PMP®s for results they have gotten in the same sets of questions to assess your likelihood of passing the exam
  • Try PMP® practice questions from different publishers to familiarize yourself with different writing styles

Quality Free Practice Exams – Where to Find?

There are plenty of free mock exams on the internet. However the quality is not always guaranteed. One PMP®s even suggests avoiding spending any time on free mock exams as the quality is uncertainYet many PMP®s have tried several quality free mock exams which they find very useful to assess the study progress, these include:

  • PM Study
  • The Scordo questions
  • Mock exams by Oliver Lehmanns
  • Exam Central
  • Head First Exam

Where to Find More PMP® Practice Exams?

In case you have exploited all the quality free mock PMP® exams and would like to practice more, there are a number of paid mock exams renowned for their quality and resemblance to the real PMP® Exam. In fact, many of the PMP®s who pass the PMP® Exam with flying colors (i.e. many proficient) take advantage of these quality exams:

Note:  represents the relative rank;  represents the number of mentions in the lessons learned.

1stPM FASTract
most popular sample pmp exam - PM Fastrack
2ndPM Exam Simulator
PM Exam Simulator comes 2nd in the most popular mock PMP exam
3rdPM Study
PM Study is the third most popular PMP mock exam
  • 4th: Simplilearn with 10 mentions

Difficulties of Practice Exams vs PMI® PMP® Exam?

Maybe owing to the randomness of the questions on the PMP® Exam, some PMP®s find it easier to finish the PMP® Exam while others find the mock exams easier. Be prepared!

Any Other Tried and Trusted Free Online Resources?

Below is a list of tried and trusted free online resources many of the PMP®s recommend. These are of very high quality considering the fact that they are freely available:

We have also compiled a big list of trusted quality FREE PMP® Certification Online resources.

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