100+ Tips on PMP Certification Training & Study by 100 PMPs

PMI® PMP® Certification Study Tips

Must Follow

  • Try not to answer PMP® questions from your own experience, answer them in PMI®’s way (according to the PMBOK® Guide Guide)
  • Study using more than exam prep products from one author, you will get the benefit of learning from different perspectives
  • Need to read extra exam prep books as the PMP® exam is more than the PMBOK® Guide Guide
  • Learn term definition from the PMBOK® Guide Guide
  • Learn the code of ethics and conduct from the PMI® website (not included in the PMBOK® Guide Guide)
  • Most questions on the PMP® exam are situational
  • You may be required to pick the best answer among several “possible” answers


  • You are recommended to write your own study notes (an example of PMP® notes), including the term definition and ITTOs
  • Try to understand what “PMI®-isms” are 
  • Take the study materials with you and review when you have time
  • Since most questions are situational, you will need to know how to apply the PMBOK® Guide knowledge
  • Someone find flash cards are useful to help memorizing the knowledge
  • If this helps, form a study group or discussion with others

How Much Time is Required for PMI® PMP® Test Preparation?

The PMBOK® Guide Guide has close to 600 pages. It does contain a lot of information. Moreover, as the PMBOK® Guide Guide is a framework only, the actual knowledge required for the PMP® Exam may stretch far beyond the PMBOK® Guide Guide. See how much time PMP®s actually used to prepare for the PMP® Exam and tips on how to make the time available amidst hectic schedules:

number of months spent on PMP Certification preparation

Time Required

  • It usually takes around 2-5 hours of study everyday, possibly more on weekends
  • Schedule your study time that best suits you, e.g. morning, late evening, etc.

Finding Time

  • Lunch hours
  • Transit (taking a train, bus, etc.)
  • Make use of “Podcast” lessons during driving or running
  • Cut down other leisure activities

Notable Achievements

5 Proficient Pass 2nd Try