100+ Tips on PMP Certification Training & Study by 100 PMPs

The Big Picture: Why PMI® PMP®?

Begin with the end in mind. Knowing why you would like to become a PMP® will guide you through your preparation and safeguard you against dropping out in view of the difficulties involved. By adopting outcome based learning (OBL) methodology, you can be assured of being able to make the most out of your PMP® preparation.

The following are examples of the reasons why PMP®s choose to be certified:

  • PMP® is important for your career
  • In the process of preparing for the PMP® exam, you will gain a lot in terms of personal development and professional recognition
  • The knowledge gained through studying for PMP® will enhance project management skills
  • The PMP® journey will make you a better project manager
  • To have some sort of testimonial to my project management skills and PMP® is the definite choice
  • Add values to your job and employer
  • Can put PMP® on the CV for career change

What’s the Best Way to Plan for the Preparation?

Must Follow

  • Understand your aim and objectives for the PMP® exam
  • Plan your PMP® exam in your own way and every one is different
  • Trust in yourself if you plan to go ahead with the exam
  • Read many PMP® Lessons Learned (PMP® exam experiences) to learn from their experiences but try to pick ones that suits you
  • Must include your stakeholders, e.g. spouse, children and colleagues, in your plan
  • Be flexible in your schedule and training cost
  • Try to work hard and follow your plan


  • Create a project management plan for your studies
  • Set milestones for the study and check the progress closely
  • After finishing the first pass of the study materials, take a brief break to digest the materials
  • Build up a study rhythm by studying roughly at the same time each day
  • You plan should be challenging but realistic, taking into considerations of your available time
  • PMP® aspirants should stay focused during the exam preparation
  • In addition to the study plan, prepare also a contingency plan

Tips on PMI® PMP® Certification Application

  • Read the PMI® PMP® Credential Handbook thoroughly before filling in the exam application form
  • Apply to become a member of PMI® (you will get exam fee reduction as well as lots of study materials for free)
  • It is highly advisable to contact contact previous supervisors for a mutual agreement on the number of hours to be included
  • Language aids for the PMP® exam is free, apply for one if your mother tongue is not English
  • It is helpful if you would begin collecting job experience documents once you have thought of taking the PMP® exam

Notable Achievements

5 Proficient Pass 2nd Try