100+ Tips on PMP Certification Training & Study by 100 PMPs

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Congratulations! You have found the most comprehensive Project Management Institute (PMI®) Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Exam preparation and training guide on the internet. You have made up your mind to pass the PMP® Exam in the first attempt. And you want to do it now. Let’s begin your PMP® preparation here.

 What’s the best way to prepare for the PMI® PMP® Exam?

Different people will give you different answers. Some will point you in the right direction, others just hinder you. As a case in point, every PMP® candidate will consider buying an PMP® Certification Exam prep book, will you choose Rita’sHead First PMP® or Andy Crowe? Each book has its die-hard advocates. You need to ask as many PMP® as possible in order to get a trustworthy answer.

So the question is: how to get the trustworthy answer with limited time?

We have read and analyzed over a hundred recent PMP® exam lessons learned available from the internet. The analyzed data is consolidated into this report which aims to help aspirant PMP®s to get the best and unbiased suggestions and advices to pass the PMP® Certification in the first attempt. (Please note that the advices given here are based on the author’s interpretation and experiences and are not direct quote from the original authors.) 

You can save a lot of time and efforts by reading through this report. I wish I had this report when I was preparing for my PMP® exam!

How is the 100+ tips organized?

PMI® PMP® Certification Training & Study Top Tips is organized into 7 sections, each covering a topic that is distinct in itself:

  1. PMP® Credential Certification Basics
    • The Big Picture: Why Project Management Professional credential?
    • What’s the Best Way to Plan for the Preparation?
    • Tips on PMP® Certification Application
  2. PMP® Study
    • Project Management Professional Certification Exam Study Tips
    • How Much Time is Required for PMP® Test Preparation?
  3. PMP® Exam Training in Action
    • How to Obtain the Required 35 Contact Hours Certificate?
    • When to Schedule the PMP® Exam?
  4. PMP® Exam Study Details
    • Do I Need to Memorize ITTOs?
    • How to Learn PMP® Formulas?
    • Do I Need to Read Through the PMBOK® Guide Guide? How Many Times?
  5. PMP® Certification Training Materials
    • How Many PMP® Exam Certification Prep Books Are Required?
    • How to Study PMBOK® Guide and PMP® Certification Prep Materials?
    • Which Are the Most Popular PMP® Certification Prep Reference Book?
    • Rita’s vs Head First vs Andy Crowe vs Kim Heldman
  6. PMP® Practice Exams and Online Resources
    • How to Make Full Use of Practice Exams?
    • Quality Free Practice Exams – Where to Find?
    • Where to Find More PMP® Practice Exams?
    • Difficulties of Mock Exams vs PMP® Exam?
    • Any Other Tried and Trusted Free Online Resources?
  7. What to Do for the PMP® Exam?
    • Several Days Before Test – What to Do?
    • On the Day of Test – What to Do?
    • During the Test – What to Do?
    • How If I Failed the Test?

Note: The arrows (→) at the end of each advice will link you to the lessons learned article in which the advice is given.

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Let’s begin the PMP® journey with the first section, PMI® PMP® Certification Basics.

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