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pmp book by scordoPMP® Exam Prep Questions, Answers, & Explanations: 1000+ PMP® Practice Questions with Detailed Solutions

PMP® Exam Prep Questions, Answers, & Explanations by Christopher Scordo is a PMP® book packed with 1000+ Project Management Professional (PMP®) practice questions for PMP® aspirants to gain hands-on experience on the PMP® exam question format and types.

Unlike traditional PMP® practice exams which are either 4-hour full-length tests or not timed, the questions in this PMP® exam prep question book are arranged into 18 mini PMP® exams which each exam can be completed in 1 hour. It also includes 11 concentrated PMP® tests on the individual knowledge areas as found in the PMBOK® Guide Guide. The unique arrangement of 50 questions in a mini PMP® exams provides a lot of flexibility to busy professionals as they will just need to set aside an hour to do one exam and examine the answer explanations at another time. If they can find 4 hours for a full-length exam, they can combine 4 mini PMP® exams in a row to experience what it is like to keep concentration continuously for 4 hours.

The questions are designed in a way that are as realistic to the real PMP® exam questions as possible so that users of this PMP® book will be able to fully understand the actual format and question patterns of the real PMP® exam.

Detailed explanations and solutions to all the questions are provided so that students will be able to understand the reasons behind every answer with reference to the PMBOK® Guide Guide and other project management books. The wordings are carefully chosen to be as clear and concise as possible, students reading the explanations will gain a full picture of what’s important in the real exam.

A formulas section containing all the calculation formulas required for the PMP® exam is included in the back of the book as a bonus reference guide. This guide can be used as a last minute revision just before attempting the real exam.’

PMP® Exam Prep Questions, Answers, & Explanations by Christopher Scordo is published by SSI Logic.

Reviews from Readers of the PMP® Book

Many users and readers of this book would recommend it to fellow PMP® aspirants as they all thought that the book was an ideal tool for the preparation of the PMP® exam.

Abhay Ambait was skeptical of the many good reviews this PMP® book received in the past initially. However, after he has used book together with the PMBOK® Guide Guide to help him pass the PMP® exam in first attempt, he totally believed others’ good review about the book. He felt that the level of difficulties, the wordings and structure of the questions of this book was on par with the real exam. He used this book together with the PMBOK® Guide Guide by cross-referencing the explanations in the book with the texts in the guide. He advised that users of this PMP® book should pay close attention to the question solutions and explanations to understand every reason behind each question and answer. He also read the PMBOK® Guide Guide for several times in order to understand the project management concepts and processes fully and to apply the processes in real world jobs.

Carol Scheffer considered the PMP® questions in this book very challenging and difficult. The book was a very good indicator to whether one is ready for the real exam. She felt the questions were even more difficult than the real ones which helped her to pass the real PMP® exam with ease. The qualities of the questions found in the book was excellent too.
Gerald A Young-Duran and his colleagues used this PMP® book by Scordo together with the PMBOK® Guide Guide only to study for the PMP® exam. Together they passed the exam on first attempt. He did not manage to complete all the questions in the book but considered the large number of questions a plus as he could attempt as many as he needed to familiarize himself with the PMP® exam as well as to access whether he was ready for it.

About The Author Christopher Scordo

The author of this PMP® book, Christopher Scordo, PMP®, ITIL, has authored a lot of books on the career of project management with a view to helping project managers to plan and study for project management certifications including the Project Management Professional (PMP®) exam. His books are very popular among education and training providers for PMP® exams.

Besides being a popular author, Christopher Scordo is also a project management consult in many areas such as computer application development, IT deployment in medical and healthcare, government agencies, etc.

Christopher enjoys being with his family, playing tennis and traveling during his leisure time.

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