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pmp book - pmp exam made easyPMP® Exam Made Easy – Your 24-Hour Study Guide to Passing

The “PMP® Exam Made Easy – Your 24-Hour Study Guide to Passing” is an attempt by two Project Management Professional exam instructors, Mr. Christopher Scordo and Mr. Ron Ponce, to help PMP® aspirants to short cut their examination preparation time and effort. This PMP® book aims to help students to learn all the required materials for the exam with only 24 hours of study, way shorter than any other prep books on the market.

This PMP® book tries to condense the long and dry PMBOK® Guide Guide into a delightful read. It is complete and concise, meaning readers can pass the PMP® exam with studying just this book alone. There are numerous student testimonials supporting this claim. The authors try to make the PMP® easy by explaining the PMBOK® Guide Guide concepts in simple language and help students to focus on what are really important for the actual PMP® exam.

The book contains a lot of expert tips and exam tricks to help aspirants to also perform well for sitting the PMP® exam as studying and preparing is just part of the exam, one has to really know how to answer the questions correctly in order to score the marks.

Features of the PMP® Exam Made Easy book

  • This PMP® book is the most concise PMP® study guide on the market, it contains only 374 pages (only around half of PMBOK® Guide Guide) yet it contains all the necessary information and concepts to help students to pass the exam with confidence
  • It accelerates the exam prep by highlighting the most important concepts and terms for the PMP® exam with “Hot Button Exam Topics” so that preparation time is spent effectively and efficiently
  • All the PMP® exam formulas are listed in a quick reference guides which can be used as the brain dump for the exam and as a last minute revisions cheat sheet
  • References to the PMBOK® Guide Guide are also conveniently located so that if the students want to get an more in-depth discussion and understanding of the topic, they know where to look it up
  • Practical hints on the real PMP® exam is also included so that students can prepare them well psychologically for the exam
  • Critical terms and concepts are also highlighted so that not a minute of the exam prep time will be wasted on irrelevant topics

Student Testimonials

J. Thomas reviewed that this PMP® book was extremely helpful to him for passing the PMP® exam. He found that this guide was well written. Following this book, he could make use of his preparation time more productively. The guide only contained essential information required to pass the PMP® exam and nothing more. He would recommend this book to anyone wanting to pass the PMP® exam.

AAJ responded that this book had made her life much easier. She was a busy parent and a full-time worker, finding the time to read other much thicker PMP® exam prep books was impossible. She was recommended this PMP® book by her friends and she found this book to be the best. She was especially impressed with the concise format and the packing of all PMP® exam formulas in one section. The topics for the PMP® exam were all well covered in the shortest text possible. She would highly recommend it to busy people in shortage of time to study.

Though the PMP® book is highly praised by some students, many found the lack of spelling checking and proofreading annoying.

Ally reviewed that the typos in the book reflected that the authors were not serious about the book and he expressed skepticism whether this careless work could help him to pass the PMP® exam. He advised PMP® aspirants to write their own study guide based on the PMBOK® Guide Guide.

About the Authors

Christopher Scordo is both PMP® and ITIL certified. Mr. Scordo is a seasoned project manager and project management consultant in IT services and application development. His clients include government and the private sector. He is also a dedicated educator. He has authored a number of books for Project Management Certification, Agile development and IT Service Management Certification.

Ron Ponce, the co-author of this PMP® book, is the president of a project management consulting and education firm, which has already been registered as a Project Management Institute Registered Education Provider (PMI® R.E.P.). He is an experienced project management trainer and educator, having helped hundreds of students to pass the PMP® exam and obtain the PMP® certification. His own training materials form the basis of this PMP® book. He is also a project management consultant to multiple industries.

Preview of the PMP® Book

You can take a preview of this PMP® book at Amazon (The links to Amazon are affiliate links, meaning that your purchase through this link will allow me to earn a little money to keep this website running, thank you!) through the link below:

Alternatively, if you are a paid member of the Project Management Institute (PMI®), you will be able to read this book online for FREE in the “Knowledge Center” > “eReads & Reference” section after you have logged into the members’ area. However, you will not be able to download the book for offline reading.

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