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PMP book by Kim HeldmanPMP®: Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide by Kim Heldman

The PMP® Book by Kim Heldman is one of the most popular PMP® Exam study and preparation guide among PMP® (Project Management Professional) and CAPM® (Certified Associate in Project Management) candidates. This book is often regarded as one of the best book on the PMP® exam on the market.

The PMP® book by Kim Heldman explains all the topics and concepts in the PMBOK® Guide Guide with real-life examples and scenarios. Students will not only learn the whats of the PMBOK® Guide Guide but also the hows. The book also tries to cover additional areas in project management so that students will gain exposure to all the exam syllabus of the PMP® Exam as the exam is more than just the PMBOK® Guide Guide.

All the topics are arranged in a systematic way to help students easily absorb the knowledge. Highlight will be placed on the most important concepts and terms for the PMP® exam.

Review questions and challenging questions for each chapter can be downloaded from the book website for students to access their progress and understanding of the chapter materials. Students will build up gradually the confidence to pass the real examination by studying and practicing these questions and understanding the explanations behind the answers. As this PMP® book mainly focuses on the PMP® exam, a special section on “Exam Essentials” is added to each chapter which identifies most important study areas for the chapter students must be proficient in to pass the PMP® exam.

Another special section on “Project Case Study” provide a relevant case study to each chapter. The author Kim Heldman will guide readers to navigate through a complex project scenario and provide hints to apply the concepts learned in the chapter to tackle the issue.

A special sidebar on “How This Applies to Your Current Project” will guide students on how to use the concepts in the PMBOK® Guide Guide in their everyday projects. The emphasis is on helping students applying the best practices in project management in real working environment. The concepts are not just theories but practical and workable. Students learn best if the knowledge is directly related to their daily work. Not only PMP® aspirant but also practicing project managers will benefit from this book by gaining more in-depth knowledge on how to best carry out project management planning.

Upon purchasing this PMP® book, you will get not only a printed copy of the book, but also:

  • Two PMP® practice exams to be downloaded from the book website so that students can try to tackle full-time 4 hour examination twice – the best form of practice for the real exam
  • Electronic flashcards helping you to memorize important definitions and concepts for the PMP® exam
  • Two hours of audio review of the PMP® exam syllabus to recap important concepts and prepare PMP® aspirants to tackle the PMP® exam
  • Two CAPM® practice exams for candidates preparing for the CAPM® exam
Students purchasing this PMP® exam prep book may not need to purchase these practice exams and electronic flashcards separately. The PMP® book by Kim Heldman is not only a book but a complete PMP® exam prep package for one to self study and achieve PMP® success.

Reviews by Readers of the PMP® Book

Francisco Torres commented that liked this book very much. The book helped her not only to pass the PMP® exam but also become a better project manager in her daily work. She was especially impressed by the way Kim presents the topic by saying that “in practice you do … but for the exam, you need to …”. She found the project management concepts were presented logically and clearly within the book which helped her to pass the PMP® exam in first attempt.

C. Cole purchased the PMP® book and used it and the PMBOK® Guide Guide as the study materials for the PMP® exam. He recommended PMP® aspirants to read both books as the PMBOK® Guide Guide does a better job at explaining some concepts. He also found the practice exams and chapter questions very useful to help him prepare for the real exam. The part he liked most is the this book uses a lot of real world examples to illustrate the project management concepts.

Bryant Lister though that this book is a bit tedious as it contains many long paragraphs of texts without making use of alternative formats such as tables, illustrations or charts. The chapter questions and practice exams also contain quite a number of errors. The contents are great nevertheless.

Author of the PMP® Book

The author, Kim Heldman, PMP®, has over 20 years of working experiences in the field of project management and management consulting. She maintains her own website at She is the author of many popular project management and technology books.  The PMP®: Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide by Kim Heldman has been a best-seller among PMP® exam prep books for years.

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