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Head First PMP®

The Head First PMP® exam prep book is one of the most popular PMP® book in the survey with 100 PMP®s. It is an acclaimed book for the preparation of PMP® Certification Examination. Unlike other PMP® prep books, Head First PMP® aspires to present the PMBOK® Guide Guide knowledge in a unique and interactive way with richness in visual format and design. The book is intended to help readers understand the concepts easily through a rich learning experience. Readers will not only learn the materials required for the PMP® exam, but also can readily apply the knowledge in everyday work. Studying the PMP® exam with Head First PMP® will help the student getting certified in PMP® as well as becoming a better project manager at the same time. The PMP® book runs a total of 896 pages.

Features of Head First PMP®

  • It employs the latest findings in neurobiology, cognitive science and learning theory for the design and presentation of the contents which helps students to learn the concepts in the way the brain works.
  • The exercises and activities in the book aim to help readers to learn the material by heart through a multi-sensory learning.
  • Interactive activities including puzzles, games, problems, and exercises that make learning easy and entertaining are included where appropriate.
  • A full length 200 questions PMP® practice exam is included in the PMP® book for readers to get a feeling of what it is like to take the real PMP® exam in 4 hours continuously.
  • The contents of the Head First PMP® covers all the exam materials as described in the PMBOK® Guide Guide.
  • The book includes lots of PMP® practice questions to help students assess their progress.
  • It also prepare students to tackle the exam with lots of exam taking strategies.

Readers’ Review of the Head First PMP® Book

Readers of Head First PMP® tends to have a love-hate feeling towards the book.

Joseph originally chose the Rita Mulcahy PMP® book to prepare for his PMP® Certification exam but later found that the book was way too difficult and it would take ages to finish it. He then switched the the Head First PMP®. This book worked great for him as the contents of the book just ‘sticked’ into his brain as said by the author. He especially liked the abundant use of illustrations and pictures. He enjoyed studying with Head First PMP® very much that he could read the book from cover to cover.

John Hearne commented that the Head First PMP® helps breaking down the materials in the PMBOK® Guide Guide in a clear and understandable way which is a far cry from the standard literature of the PMBOK® Guide Guide. He wished he had read this book sooner in his PMP® preparation study.

Ashraf Nageeb thought that this book is a great study tool PMP® aspirants. The author simplifies the information in the PMBOK® Guide Guide. The approach to teaching is very attractive which helps the knowledge to retain in his brain after reading. He especially recommended this book to PMP® aspirants who got bored by reading Rita Mulcahy PMP® or the PMBOK® Guide Guide. He passed the PMP® exam with the help of this book and found that the book contains 90% of the materials on the PMP® exam. Readers are advised to buy the softcopy of the book for an extra of $5 if they have bought the printed version and print out the exercises and activities and work on these printed copies instead of the original book. In this way, they can keep the book clean for future revision or resell.

However, some people thought that the book is too chaotic to read with the “crazy” layout and illustration. Some considered that the book is not enough for an important certification like the PMP® exam. It seems that the Head First PMP® Book is more suitable for people who are visual learners.

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About the Authors Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stellman

Jennifer Greene has over 15 years of project and project management experiences working in small start-ups and large companies. She focuses her career on software testing, software management and project management. She is now a project manager of a multination software development company managing a large team of international software developers.

Andrew Stellman was originally trained as a cello and jazz bass guitar performance but took up the first job as a computer programmer in a music records company. Andrew is a seasoned project manager, having overlooked a large number of projects involving software engineers and requirements analysts. He has lots of experience in process improvement.

Jennifer and Andrew founded Stellman & Greene Consulting in 2003. They aim to provide consulting and educational work to the scientific and academic community. They have since co-authored two highly acclaimed books on the field of project management, namely the Head First PMP® and the Applied Software Project Management, all published by O’reilly.

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Price of Head First PMP® Exam Prep Book: US$41.99 (paperback format – free shipping in the United States), US$41.19 (kindle format) or rent the kindle version of the PMP® book for $12.99 for 1 month on Amazon (The links to Amazon are affiliate links, meaning that your purchase through this link will allow me to earn a little money to keep this website running, thank you!)

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