PMP Book – Andy Crowe PMP Exam How to Pass on Your First Try

PMP Book: The PMP Exam - How to Pass on First Try by Andy CroweThe PMP® Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try

The PMP® Book by Andy Crowe titled the PMP® Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try is a classic for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) exam preparation and study. It provides all the necessary information for aspirant and seasoned project managers to thoroughly prepare for the PMP® exam. All the project management processes, inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs (ITTO’s) are included. Practice PMP® questions and mock exams are also featured to help students to master the question types and wordings on the real PMP® exam. Detailed explanations on advanced topics are also added with exercises and practice questions. Andy’s book is unique in the sense that it is the only PMP® exam prep book in the market to have the strongest exam orientation. It will access the importance of any individual topic to the overall PMP® exam and let the students know how much time should be put in each topic. The PMP® Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try is published by Velociteach.

Features of Andy Crowe PMP® Book

  • Andy’s PMP® book is exam orientated.
  • It breaks down the lengthy paragraphs of the PMBOK® Guide Guide into short and concise points which is especially suitable for use in exam revision.
  • It includes all the materials of the PMBOK® Guide Guide with dedicated notes on the importance of the topics on the real PMP® exam. Students can allocate their time on studying the topics accordingly.
  • Special sections on PMP® calculation and earn value management concepts are added to help students to understanding these advanced concepts which are not explained in details in the PMBOK® Guide Guide.
  • Chapter end questions can be used to access the understanding of each topic.
  • A full length 200 questions final PMP® practice exam is included in the last part of the book
  • It contains a detailed glossary of project management / PMBOK® Guide Guide terms which is useful for last minute revision for the PMP® exam.
  • A one week complimentary access to an online exam simulator with 100 questions is also provided. Users may specify the number of questions to attempt each time, the topics of the questions and the time allowed. The access code is printed on a card stuck on the inside back cover of the book.
  • A special insiders’ guide containing exam tips on the PMP® exam is provided to help students plan for the PMP® exam and successfully pass the exam in first try.

Readers’ Review of Andy Crowe PMP® Exam Book

The PMP® Exam – How to Pass On Your First Try has built up a very good reputation as “the” exam prep material for the PMP® exam over the years. Most readers would agree that Andy’s PMP® exam prep book is very focused on the PMP® exam. It tries to present only the materials for the PMP® exam in a concise and easy to read manner. Many readers have said that Andy Crowe’s PMP® book helps them prepare well and pass the PMP® exam with the shortest preparation time possible. It is generally recognized to have an exam oriented editorial and it serves this purpose perfectly. However, project managers might find it not useful in everyday work situation.

Readers’ feedback on the newest edition of Andy Crowe PMP® book is somewhat polarized. It does fulfill itself promise to help PMP® aspirants to pass the PMP® exam in the first attempt with minimal efforts. But the book contains a lot of errors or typos which angers some readers. It is hoped that with the subsequent reprinting of the book the errors will be eliminated.

Casey Roth, a happy reader of the Andy Crowe PMP® book, stated that he initially tried to prepare for the CAPM® exam by reading the PMBOK® Guide Guide alone. However, he could not make sense of the concepts and terms presented in the PMBOK® Guide Guide and he was overwhelmed. His exam coach then recommended Andy Crowe’s book to him. After reading Andy’s book side by side with the PMBOK® Guide Guide, he understood the focus of the PMBOK® Guide Guide and was well prepared for the actual CAPM® exam. He especially liked the full length 200 questions exam found on the last part of the book.

Chris of New York City commented that after comparing Andy’s book with Rita’s PMP® Exam Prep book, he thought he liked Andy’s PMP® book much more. The tone of Rita’s book just turned him away as it is very condescending. Andy’s PMP®, in sharp contrast, is very encouraging and inspirational. It helps to digest the PMP® materials into memorizable chunks to help him to prepare for the PMP® exam in a few weeks.

L. Hecht was disappointed when receiving the 3rd reprint of the Andy’s PMP® book as it contains a lot of typo and errors. He tried hard to ensure that he could get the 4th reprint but he just received the 3rd reprint through Amazon (The links to Amazon are affiliate links, meaning that your purchase through this link will allow me to earn a little money to keep this website running, thank you!). Though he could get a list of errata from the publisher, he was just too worried that he would miss some of them in the real PMP® exam so he returned the book. (Note: The 4th edition is the most current version with most of the errors corrected. If you order the book from Amazon (The links to Amazon are affiliate links, meaning that your purchase through this link will allow me to earn a little money to keep this website running, thank you!) now, you will get the 4th edition.)

About the Author Andy Crowe

Andy Crowe is the founder of Velociteach, a company dedicated to providing education and training to project management and certification examination. Andy holds the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification and is a professional programmer and instructor. He has taught at the Microsoft University for topics in C++ and for at the United States government on advanced modern technology. He has been a member of Microsoft’s .NET international advisory committee.

Purchase The PMP® Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try

Price of Andy Crowe The PMP® Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try PMP® book: US$62.89 (paperback format – free shipping in the United States from Amazon (The links to Amazon are affiliate links, meaning that your purchase through this link will allow me to earn a little money to keep this website running, thank you!)).

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